Sunday, May 14, 2017

Staff on travel should put on the best behaviour

Staff on free travel are not to give unnecessary work and trouble to the cabin crew. This steward who was travelling as a pax, according to the Whatsapp message had troubled and inconvenient the crew on his flight. If the story was true then SIA will take action against the said steward.
Free travelling staff are urged to behave and even dress appropriately. One shouldn't wear jeans, shorts,slippers etc. This is common sense which some are lacking.
When one is nice and considerate to the operating crew, one may even enjoy extra "benefits" which would not normally accord to fare paying paxs. The "benefits" may come in the form of :

  • Free hotel accommodation which the crew may give up and bunk with another crew so you may stay in it. This is an unofficial practice which the airline and hotels do not encourage but nevertheless is still being carried by the crew to this day.
  • Free transport from airport to hotel/town. Crew may give you a free ride in the crew coach eg: Narita to Shinjuku which is a 2 hour ride.
  • If there is an opportunity to upgrade anyone you may be the first to be upgraded. The crew may have a lot of reasons to justify your upgrade.
There are other "benefits" which I will not mention at this point of time but being nice, one has more to gain.
Talking about being nice to people, I have a friend who was warded at a hospital because of his knee problem. He underwent an operation and was placed in a 2nd class ward (think 6 beds to a ward). He became very popular with the nursing staff as he was a jovial and nice man in spite of his condition.

On his 3rd day stay, they decided to upgrade him to a first class ward citing all sort of reasons to justify the upgrade. He asked me why he was upgraded and not others. I told him because he did not complain nor bother the staff despite of his condition and was able to "entertain" them with his stories and jokes. My friend is a man who would praise and talk nice things about other people. In short, he possesses a likability personality and many like to be around him.

I urge all the staff who are going to travel not to give unnecessary headache and extra burden to the operating crew.


kenna sai.. said...

If I am aware that crew are traveling for whatever reason, I will personally offer socketts, bottle of water, ear plugs. Regardless of rank or with or without friend, relatives, spouse.

The management will of course declare that my actions are unacceptable, and punishable.

How will they know that I did these things?
Why, through social media of course! Exactly the same media that management themselves prohibit the crew from using!

Recognition of our colleagues is important, especially when managers and executives cant give 2 hoots about us anyway.

Go ahead and charge me for lapse in discipline... and terminate my employment or remove incentive pay. Such master & slave relationship is so medieval.

Anonymous said...

SQ doesn't seem like a good place to work. Ownself take care of ownself. You die your business.

Anonymous said...

Has always been like that.

Even the "AOTC" ( tittle of earlier versions pf CCEs)were very disunited.
Each having great ego issues. They all believed the fame and glory of SIA
was attributed to their "superior" customer care.

The current climate has been cultivated and nurtured over many decades.
Even the SVPs used it to their advantage if not to keep the Union on a short
leash. ( union was kept in the dark somewhere down the basement )

It works for management though. They are very happy with the situation as having
a very cohesive group of workers will give them a terrible headache.
Not to mention some "stars" in the office will have nothing left to do.

People who yearn to be a crew must realise the environment is not as cozy as it may
sound. You need to be your own person and be very clear headed about your future.

Unless you have very poor focus in life, and not very good with cognitive work like planning, strategising, marketing, ( regardless if you have a degree, diploma etc)
then better to leave after 3-5 years. Its a dead end career.

The highest rank you can attain is IFS and as an ego booster, maybe Inflight Auditor.
But IA is just an appointment and you will have to face the very people you screw.

Yes, its a tough world.
Crew life is just one roster after another with the never ending hunt for that elusive COP to DME and IAH. ( Not even SFO non stop... 14 pages of menu is a nightmare )

Crew who joined during 1975 till 2000 are the best lot to have enjoyed long stops
and endless fun. From casinos, touring, parties, and sex.

It was pure fantasy, dream come true life.

Now its a nightnare.. Freddy Kruegger awaits you behind all the curtains.
The hauntings continue even at base on off days.
Absolutely no peace.

Anonymous said...

Not just Freddy but also a dead stewardess appearing on the bed at certain stops.

Anonymous said...

VY and her questionable lifestyle,over there,over rated and unpromotable atitude deserves her negative comments.Her brother ,clueless did not defend her dignities and thus accepted minimum sum for all the troubles,quietly acquieses for her memories or whatever to dusts is left.Good work Mr Sia,your repute is clear as snow,at no cost.Her sufferance was ended gratefully ,unsolve ,only her bones left.RIP.

Anonymous said...

'If there is an opportunity to upgrade anyone you may be the first to be upgraded.'

Biggest SQ joke I have ever heard, IFM are the only SQ managers that are seated in PEY when any other SQ managers are seated in business class for work trip (paxing for crews in that case)

No matter how empty business class is, crew will always be seated at economy class, they could have upgraded them to business class if available, while meal choices are reserved for commercial passengers until all served.

Anonymous said...

There was a flight from JNB to SIN.
There was a full set of crew (17crew )positioning back to base.
The flight was sold as a JY flight. No first class. It was a 747

12 empty first class seats
26 empty business class seats ( main deck )

The station manager had no balls to allocate the positioning crew unto those
empty seats. " Load sheet is revenue numbers..." he claimed.

I was the hero to relocate the whole set up from EY to P & J class.
The senior ranks had first class seats while FSS & FS sat in J class main deck.
With sockets, headphones.. of course no first or business class meals lah ( not enough)

But what good did it do for me?
People talked.
Office people heard.
I was a marked.

Heroes die once, cowards die many times.