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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cut what cost ? I'll give them special gift said CEO Goh

CEO SIA Goh announced at the 70th celebration that all staff will be given a special one time gift of $700 each. It was also mentioned that SIA Cargo will join SIA again. Some cargo staff will be transferred to other divisions in SIA.


Anonymous said...

It's a one-off occasion to celebrate a milestone of SIA to motivate the staff. A lot of employees had worked hard and deserve the $700. It's a smart move to boost morale together with the 1.98 bonus they are getting.

Anyway I don't think you should write the subject title as "Cut what cost ? I'll give them special gift said CEO Goh" if this is not a quotation by him. Misleading and can be sued. Don't want you to close your blog because we still read. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Chut pattern becoming a norm. He has learnt from the bestest.

Give away money to cover up the fact we're losing money.

Poor investments being made overpaid people in recent times.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully SIA overseas staff get the same amount as SIN staff.

Anonymous said...

First the 700 , then the ugly part like CX.Dont be surprised and dont blame the CEO.Chops being served this month,left and right.Sexcy,Botak and the rest of the Overstayer and Unloveable,time to go rest.Can bet CX style chop chop be here soon.

Where's justice? said...

That $700 should go to those elderly cardboard collectors as a token because they need it more. Ironic considering who 'owns' the airline. Misplaced priorities again.