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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A comment from a reader (claimed she was a trainee)

Lingxuan (Grace) has left a new comment on your post "She felt humiliated at SIA cabin crew interview": 

It is a good thing you found this out during the interview itself. 

I should have notice how rude their management staff were when I went for SIA appointment letter signing. 

Totally regretted it when I joined the airline as a trainee. I was so sick and they didnt allow me to take mc during my training days. So I pushed myself to go for the training despite being sick. On my second actual flight i had high fever. Nearly fainted in the plane... really tahan and see the doctor. He gave me mc despite I was on probation. I know I have to take the MC if not I would probably die from the sickness. My probation got extended because of that. And I quit the airline. 

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