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Monday, June 5, 2017

Arrested for shop lifting

Thomas Chua, the netizen who criticized the late traffic officer in his Facebook was arrested yesterday for alleged shop more

Latest update: Thomas Chua did receive traffic summonses but none was issued by the late Nadzrie Matin.


Anonymous said...

Dont know him,not my batch etc.Proved Beyond Borders,criminal mind in Sin City.Might attract like minded Femme Fatale Type.Dont need to cross borders,excitement here amongst us.Good or Bad ,cannot decide.Evolved.

Anonymous said...

He sounds psychotic. SQ should have psycho evaluation for prospective crew so they don't ever hire people like him again. He can't distinguish between right and wrong and is unable to emphatise when others can. He's got the symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post for him is to be CCE disciplinary investigator.
Gives no quarter, takes no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

You mean Sexcy ?Botak and the Overstayers Gayking and Lassie Queen.Experienced in crime to catch the like minded doer.Things will be better with 25 US fuel,and middle East infighting instead of Inflight Services. No Quarter for Quatar Air,reduce point to point to US for subsidised Airlines says Trump.There hope yet for SQ.Pity TC,talking cock should save him yet, but other shoplift shows a Kleptomaniac.