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Friday, June 2, 2017

IFS fired for molestation

After more than 2 months of investigation, the IFS (now known as IFM) who was accused of molesting his female colleague was found guilty and sacked a day ago at the company's inquiry.
In the process, the IFS not only lost his job but his perks like free travel and $90,000 gratuity. He could file for an appeal but I heard from a reliable source that his chances of winning the case is very slim.


Anonymous said...

Bet the pervert is a Sinkie who has trouble getting laid. Makes himself feel 'bigger' by taking advantage of his subordinates.

monkwannabe said...

That is why the ratio of rainbow crew is higher.
All male crew are perverts by default
All management staff are monks and saints.
They are incapable of sex.