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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SIA to cut jobs? I am willing to help

SIA, after reporting its first quarterly loss in 5 years, may have to reduce the number of workers it has. SIA has 24,300 plus workers. Jobs that are redundant may have to go according to its CEO.
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BT: For old time sake and my great love for my ex-employer, I am willing to volunteer my time to help reduce cost by conducting training for its cabin crew for free (not kidding).
If interested please contact me through my email address in my blog profile.


Anonymous said...

Aiseh man. Why only now want to get rid of people? They should have done it earlier and saved loads! Very poor foresight by the management.Well that's what happens when you overrate yourself.

Hairy said...

ownself appraise ownself will result in arrogance
nothing is wrong with self.

Self is perfect.
Others are at fault...

staff at fault, did not follow SOP
staff at fault, no initiative
staff at fault, poor attitudes
staff at fault, forgetfulness
staff at fault, did not read updates
staff at fault, rude & discourteous
staff at fault, did not pay attention

CEO is KIng of the mountain... there is nothing wrong..
we will reduce staff where there is irrelevance.. starting from me.

Singapore Captain said...

I am just a lowly paid skipper but here are the possibilities:
Some laojiao Captains will be retired early, IFS too.
Crew hotel to be downgraded, no more premium
Liquor in YCL.

Cham Liao.....

BookLover said...

I believe SQ was on the way down more than 5 years ago. The new airlines are popping up with friendlier service. I keep giving feedback that the policies on booking and changes is so unfriendly at such high prices. It has fallen on deaf ears. When a company is successful and grow to a huge bureaucracy, then sclerosis set in and it is impossible to adapt and change despite feedback from loyal customers.

The only way is to change the leadership and revamp its existing policies and ways of conducting business. Bringing prices down alone will not work.

Anonymous said...

I knew the company will go bust soon after they allow what those 8 did to me.

Anonymous said...

SQ management best be humble. Learn from Theresa May and her poor showing in the UK election as well as Qatar Airways' fall following the Qatar boycott. It's not been easy offering refunds and rebooking with partner airlines. Arrogance gets you nowhere. 'Lesser' rivals treat passengers better so there is no need to fly SQ.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We can guess what Sexcy and the AM did.But I survive.Payback time.Tell us more,so we can 'bless'them.Sorry to know what they did,my sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Ayooo which 8 is this? Until now u haven't told us. How to help liddat?

Anonymous said...

Since pax prefer the girls, no need so many stewards. Get rid of deadwood stewards. People fly with SIA because of the stewardess anyways. And no more free alcohol in economy.

Anonymous said...

Your son deceased and the IFS,and so on confirmed or never took your side.Name them so we can follow up.It takes a hero and lots of EQ to follow the truth and not to fall prey to pack hunting the weakest link,but not too late to unravel.Sin law if limitation 8 years from time of crime committed.Still can reopen by law.Need money,crowfunding. If you are rightious,back salaries to now. At least shame the devils in SQ who done to you.Its not the end till the Fat lady sang.

Anonymous said...
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Still fantasizing said...

What could be sexier than a kungfu fighting SQ stewardess taking on a drunk ang mo pax?

Stewardess version of IP man to the rescue. Wing chun style stewardess.

Think Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Zhi Yi in a kebaya.

Anonymous said...

Will loose ang moh pax,half the world.Not good.Dont need to be rescued,only Come Fly Sq.You are missing the crux of the conversation here.Middle East Air needed all of those you mentioned badly from yesterday from battling each other on the ground and in the air.Middle East a mess as it is.

Anonymous said...

All in STC are entrenched.

They very smart one.
All the systems they built themselves, so only they
can accomplish the task.. no one else can replace them
unless its groomed from inside by themselves.

This system was based on concept adopted decades ago.
And its like a brotherhood. Only they can operate it.
SVPs cannot revamped because its too much headache.. tentacles
all over the place and if you chop off one... there will
be humongous issues.

Very smart system. Best joke is:

all the previous AoTcs were contributors to the system... and they
were all chopped off. How? without system collapse?
Simple... IFS were conned into performing the role of checking on their
own ranks... ha! ha! ( with the Union's tacit approval of course... anyway, they were
toothless to begin with..)

A concept of coerced loyalty, the fear that crew had about surviving 'outside'
and perpetual shortage of crew to create an illusion of 'busy-ness', till
all crew, ground staff were under constant pressure to work more with less.

Incredulous concept... and with a KPI devised to align itself with that concept.
How not to get bonus from divisional budgets?

The smartest managers and assistant managers are in Cabin Crew... smart in surviving
many, many decades. Just think... which ones have been sitting there since 1990s?

Ha! ha! ha!... and one has returned to ensure his retirement!

Operating crew: Suckers!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Seriously, and pardon me for being rude or curt, why are you still basking in your past glory? Do you seriously think SQ will consider such an option? You have spent a considerable good number of years with SQ and, as you have said frequently, had made significant contributions. Those days have passed and I am sure SQ have their fair share of good workers and others. So, move on BT. Nothing wrong with reminiscing the past, but do be practical. My views and no offence intended. Apologies if I did.

Banish poor advisers said...

The CEO should do a May and get rid of his advisers. They should be made accountable for giving him poor advice.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.Done and contributed,now low cost stealing the show the scene and everthing.In SQ include doing more by less.Expected near dying to please service procedures as if Crew didnt do enough on board.Less manpower means packaged lunch with less handling and less crews.Could be stepping into a brave new world if SQ survive,include new procedures never thought before in normal time.These are abnormal times,new normal uses abnormal.Preferred that BT carries on blogging far longer than wasting resources on lost causes.Apologise if I offends

Anonymous said...

When SQ began flying on its own ( split with MSA )
they needed crew.

What would think was the criteria to join SQ then, back in 1972?

O levels?
A levels?
Higher School Certificate ( HSC for short... yeah, whats that?)

What were these "senior" crew doing before joining SIA?
Where did these "AoTCs" began their lives before becoming AoTC??
How long did they fly as crew before becoming AoTC? ( notice that its 'becoming )

Know and understand the past and it will explain the present.
The past cannot be changed.

Anonymous said...

It explained all.Some were not skilled and promoted.Cause a lot of problems.When moment of truth arrive got retrenched or expired due to cost.It affects all,in due cause even now.Its natural, better to acknowledge now or at death bed,be told by all or the Priest ,time has come.It affects the highest in the land or the lowest.Opening the AOTC will be opening the can of worms that cannot be put back.

Anonymous said...

Please, bohtong, I do hope you can use your existing connections with the airline and those whose decisions matter to push for the retrenchment of Malaysian staff before Singaporean ones and the pertinent need for crew expenditure to be cut. There really isn't a need for cabin crew to be staying in top notch hotels when people who need the job on the ground are retrenched while these people are living the high flying life. It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

SQ is going down and they may need to get rid of excess staff in the process. Please bear in mind,local staff have nothing to fall back on if they lose their job unlike Malaysian staff for example who can at least get welfare aid from their government and benefit from the exchange rate when they withdraw their cpf/sell their flat.

Don't conduct the retrenchment exercise blindly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but they are blind.Mc and points system and so on.Trump rollback of Obama care leave 20 million no cover.Kills .Thinks happened. Shit in the fan