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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The neckties of former cabin crew executives

These two ties were not ordinary ones worn by the male SIA cabin crew. These ties were worn by the cabin crew executives from year 1981-2003. They are no longer in existence and they are hard to come by as there were not more than two dozens of cabin crew executives at any one time. The position of the cabin crew executives were made redundant in 2003.
This memorabilia serve as a reminder that there was a small exclusive group of people who had devoted a large part of their lives in making Singapore Airlines inflight service one of the best in the world.


Anonymous said...

Who'd want to be reminded of such a thing? When you're young and healthy they want you but when the company isn't doing well and you're older and not so healthy, they get rid of you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sick of the 2nd Anonymous's blaring nonsense,trying to show of literary skills for what?

Anonymous said...

2nd anonymous is why hiring managers prefer FTs instead of locals. Our education system produces parrots who cannot think. >69.9% of the population has allowed this to happen.Just look at the new generation of SQ recruits.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget it was Inflight Services that introduced
lots of services.

Its the CCEs that had to adapt the service on board.
But most of the trial & error was performed by the operating
crew themselves... on the fly.

Who would offer soft cooked eggs, 'a la kopi-tiam style'
in the First Class? The menu standard was more western style
of soft cooked eggs served in egg cups.
The kopi-tiam style was served in a soup bowl, already cracked
and with soya sauce on the side. ( dark soya sauce, which was never
a standard in the dry stores, crew brought them on board themselves)

This was done way back in the 80s... never introduced by Inflight Services
because we never filed a report or submitted it through Staff Ideas.
We cut fresh fruit, soaked it in salt water to prevent them oxidizing
into ugly brown colours.

Created frozen ice bowls to present carviar too. Inflight Service?
Nah!... tons of things was done out of just plain sincerity to present
items, events that would be memorable for customers.

But the managers ignored all these impromptu acts and deemed it "not standard"
They got wind of these things via "feedback" from crew who told tales to the CCE.
(Their ward leaders.).. Because these crew disliked impromptu, off the manual styles.
these CCEs, in turn reported it to managers and so on..
Since then, its been No standard.

So, CCE/TC/IAs are all screwing their own backsides, really.
What to do?.
All have been threatened with job loss and even to this day... the fear of losing
""free " tickets for travel.. damn gong i say.

Anonymous said...
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Stop complaining said...

If FT steal your lunch,then you steal his lunch!

Anonymous said...

Who did you voted for in 2015!? U deserve it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs or what!?

Fed Up said...

Trying to show off his writing skills and the nonsensical stuff he wrote has nothing
to do with the post. BT should delete his stupid writing!

Boh Tong said...

Ok I have deleted all comments that aren't related to the post subject.