Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Will SIA remain profitable?

SIA's loss of $138 in the quarter from January to March 2017 is a worrying sign. This was its first quarterly loss in 5 years. The intense competition from Middle East carriers and budget carriers has led to the decline in its profit.
I can't imagine SIA not making a profit for the year 2017. I shudder to think what could happen to its staff and crew if it loses money. Retrenchment is one way out for the airline to reduce cost.
Cathay Pacific Airway, for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis made a loss of S$102 million in 2016 against a profit of S$1.05 billion for year 2015.  Following announcement of the loss, CX decided to cut 600 jobs. Among the casualties are 190 management positions. Pilots, cabin crew and front line staff are spared.
Let's hope SIA will remain profitable for 2017 and beyond.


Job cuts necessary for SQ survival said...

The first SIA staff who should go is the one involved in the controversial Schooling picture. Middle man sitting down stealing Schooling's thunder!


The second one to go is heartless anti MC staff. Sick cannot take leave izzit? Defeats the purpose of MC right?


The third has got to be the idio* manning the SIA Twitter account. What was he thinking?


As for the ones involved in drug-related or s*x related crimes, that's self explanatory. They really should go.

Feel free to propose more names for sacking.

These are people who brought the company's reputation into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

Sexcy,for overstaying, a huge price to pay without corresponding results.
Botak for whatever over the KPI he done.
25 years and above years in service, a huge huge savings in salaries. Put them out to real world. Good for their health, family and potential next job with experienced.
Stony Slim for drug taking and slimy,managing nothing and getting to act like a Manager.
Those who volunteer on off day,put them on ground ,don't use off days so might as well ground them Good for their health and family too, and level the playing field for those with famuly. A urine test on briefing room, positive for anything, including fag,take a walk outside to fag longer,cabin not suitable for smokers. They might graduate to drug beyond fag. Preventive measures better than being caught red handed and putting CO into the picture. Sack means no more employee. It sound cruel but ,good for them in the long term,only inconvenience a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Reducing cost is such a atypical solution to business woes.

Do we need a PhD for such solutions?
Any idiot would have considered that strategy ( hardly a strategic approach really)

And again atypical to reduce cost by reducing staff.
Its all about innovative thinking which is discouraged by management
( unless it was THEIR idea )

SQ could have gone the way of Apple's Steve Jobs where the strategy was to
create a need when there was none and heighten it into a want through great marketing.
Sadly, middle managers have absolute control over what is being fed back to higher managers, because they protect their own backsides.

Fresh blood, ( untainted blood ) needs to be pumped in hopefully along with a vaccine
to destroy the virus within.
Senior? full of crap...

Anonymous said...

The lost in Q4 is due to the Fine on Cargo , if not for that its consider a good year in todays Avation climate.

Anonymous said...

I still really want to be a SIA cabin crew. However, I'm quite hesitant to attend the next walk-in interview as I have a feeling the spots left will be few as they may be cutting down on crew... or even worse I hope they do not retrench crew.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell care whether you want to be a crew or not so stop whining!

Anonymous said...

Certainly looks like Chairman is trying to undo the problems from his predecessor. When something is doing fine, do not try to fix it. Trump has gotten the Arabs and the UAE to isolate Qatar. Good for SIA. He was able to do this due to his role in selling arms to the Saudi leaders for a handsome sum. Added onto the commercial aircraft deal inked by Obama, the amount is astronomical and bodes good for security and business.

SIA needs to reinvent itself; even if she needs to call back those talented gems who have left. So sad. GCP is good, but still needs the ideas from these great talents of our times who have put SIA on the world map.

Anonymous said...

GCP is overrated.Akbar al-Baker of Qatar Airways is better. See how he is handling the fallout from the gulf boycott. GCP is untested and there have been a number of PR disasters during his time already. Need to replace him but just make sure it's not some paper general.

Anonymous said...

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