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Thursday, July 13, 2017

30 times a year? ..no biggie la

Just recently, each cabin crew are allowed to swap flights with one another up to a maximum 30 times a year. This may sound like a big deal to SIA crew but I know of airlines whereby they allowed unlimited changes of flight.
The perks given aren't that attractive as compared to some international airlines. One example is the number of flights crew or staff could hop on as passengers. SIA at the moment allowed crew/staff a free flight a year and as many discounted fares on as many flights during their vacations. One airline that I know allowed unlimited free flights for their crew/staff as long as there are vacant seats. Not only unlimited free flights but are allowed to fly first or business class if there are seats available.
So come on SQ, 30 times of flight changes per year per crew is no biggie.

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