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Monday, July 17, 2017

The frequent hiring of cabin crew/flight attendants

The frequent recruitment of cabin crew from overseas and Singapore is quite puzzling to many (click here) . From what I know, the resignation rate is high  among the junior ranks. Then there are those who has ended their contracts as well as some who retires at the end of their long career. Thus, the attrition rate of between 1% and 2% every month.
For a crew to be able to operate her/his flights, she/he needs to be on the ground attending 4 months of training. But resignation is either by a 24 hour notice or a month's notice. Therefore, the airline has to anticipate the resignation rate and recruit as many and as fast as possible. The other reason for the frequent recruitment may be due to expansion or increase in frequencies to certain cities. Whatever the reasons, SIA will not stop its frequent hiring of cabin crew unless it decides to "shrink" the size of the airline due to heavy losses.
Meanwhile, the cabin crew hopefuls from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and India still have a chance of donning the SIA Girl iconic Kebaya.

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