Monday, July 3, 2017

They ain't got Ba**s

Since I've stopped allowing people to comment anonymously, I have not received a single comment. This goes to show that most of the people who left comments in this blog are cowards and hide under the skirts of anonymity (am NOT referring to those who commented sensibly and positively).
In short they ain't got Ba**s to show who they are.
With the new system, people who wants to leave a comment must have a Google account or Gmail account otherwise their comments will not be accepted.


joan said...

Don't care about them la

SUNNY GALE said...

You finally did the right process by not allowing people to post anonymously.
When I first came into your blog, I was wondering eh.... you dont learn or benefit
from the comments posted. 90% of comments were extreme negativity and did not address the issue.
I was kind of ah....... what is happening, better leave this blog with weirdos lurking
around. Well BT you have my support. Right On. Correct process initiated. Well done.
I am sure they are still around and checking on your blog but are afraid to comment because like you said: They aint got Ba**s.
You may like to know that many readers were driven away because of the negative comments
posted all the times and there were no benefits derived from the discussions.