Saturday, August 19, 2017

My commander Captain Terry

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The phone rang and grudgingly I stretched my hand to pick up the receiver. It was 3.30 am in a London hotel where we were having a 3 day layover.  " Whose that?" I asked annoyingly. " It's me Captain Terry...ehh sorry to wake you up" came the reply. " Come to my room as quick as you is urgent"...Capt Terry ordered me.
I hurriedly changed from my pyjamas into my jeans and shirt and headed towards Capt Terry's room.
As soon as I arrived, Capt Terry opened his room door and ushered me in. There was 2 young women of about 30 years old and another man whom I have not met before. They looked serious and the room smelled of alcohol.
Capt Terry introduced me to his 3 "friends". They were Sue, Mary and James. The women were blondes and James was Asian looking.
I was told by the women that Terry and James had brought them back from a pub at Piccadilly and had promised to pay them for sex. However, the 2 men did not have any money left after paying for their drinking bills at the pub. I was asked to help fork out 200 hundred pounds to help the 2 men.
I told the women I had no money and even if I had, I would not pay for the men to have sex with them.
Terry pulled me aside and told me that Sue had hinted she would sleep with him for free. I asked Sue if that was true but she denied it. In fact, she told me she was a prostitute and needed to make a living to support her family.
After some negotiation, I offered the women some transportation money. They reluctantly accepted my offer and left the hotel.
Capt Terry used to be a good looking guy with broad shoulders. In his heyday, he would have at least 2 women in his hotel rooms, partying with him. The Caucasian women, mostly our passengers or ex passengers would drink, smoked and slept with Capt Terry. But now, he was in his 50s, bald headed and haggard. There was no more "freebies" for Capt Terry and had to pay to get women to entertain him.
Sadly, a few years after the above incident, Captain Terry succumbed to liver cancer and passed away.


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