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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A stewardess's contribution

It was my first month flying as a stewardess when our set of crew landed in Shanghai Pudong Airport after an uneventful flight.
For the 1 hour ride to our hotel in Hong Qiao, I was seated with IFS Mel (now known as IFM) to discuss my work performance as I was still under probation.
After talking about work, our discussion took a strange turn towards religion.  Unknowingly, I shared with IFS Mel I was brought up in a Christian family and educated in Catholic schools until I choose to be a free-thinker during adulthood.  It was then when our discussion turned from positive to negative.  Turns out, IFS Mel is a qualified Pastor and preaches during his free time.  According to him, God gave him a vision and he saw Marilyn Monroe and deceased members of The Beatles in hell because they chose fame and fortune.  People like me who choose not to believe or practice will join them when our time on Earth is up.  That night, I didn’t have a peaceful rest as I was offended by IFS Mel’s words.  On the way back to Pudong Airport for the return flight, IFS Mel took out his iPad to show our Muslim Chief Steward a photo he captured, which looks like a vehicle high beam reflecting against a reflective road divider.  IFS Mel claimed the bright light was Jesus.  I was kept busy with my flying career and forgot about the incidents of this night-stop.  Many months later, I was on a taxi to operate an early morning turnaround flight when it detoured to pick up another crew.  Lo and behold it was IFS Mel.  Thankfully, he didn’t remember nor recognize me.  At the end of the flight, one of the flight stewards joked to the junior crew, “did IFS Mel come to your galley to pray for you?”.  IFS Mel’s reputation for proselytising precedes him and up to this day he’s still proselytising to unsuspecting crew.  IFS Mel should be reminded that proselytising during company time is strictly forbidden according to employee guidelines and religious freedom is one of Singapore’s enduring qualities.


Anonymous said...

Better than him talking about dirty stuff and jokes with you. Grow up girl!

Misplaced priorities said...

He should go lecture those Pink Dotters.

Sack is a 4 letter word said...

Arrange a CI and sack him.
No different from sexual harassment with sex jokes.
No different from selling insurance either.