Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nothing much has changed ...

About three years ago I was a passenger on a SQ flight from Singapore to Melbourne. During the lull period on that night flight, the steward who was serving me earlier came and chatted with me. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he bought my e-guide for cabin crew wannabes and after "digesting" what I said, managed to pass his interview. He failed several times before purchasing the guide.
However, the point I want to make is not about the e-guide but more about the steward's job  as compared to those during my time. I was a steward back in 1968 and had worked on similar flights like this one SIN/MEL vv. Now 46 years on, this steward was doing the same work as I did in 1968. Not much has changed except a few things.
The current airplane I was on was a B777, an advanced version of the B707 which I use to work on. The speed of the planes was about the same. However, the B777 has only 2 technical crew or pilots in the cockpit whereas the B707 carried 2 pilots, a flight engineer and a navigator.
The current crew has only a night in Melbourne whereas we had 2 to 3 nights. The current flight flies non-stop from SIN to MEL whereas ours transits in Sydney.
Service wise everything was about the same. 


Simone said...

There is more options for entertainment now.

The good old days, movies could only be screened AFTER the service
as projectors were required to project images onto the screen.

The transit in SYD was a killer. Long flight time, long wait for
clearance from Quarantine officers after they sprayed the cabin.
They were so delighted to catch cockroaches after spraying.

And after 1.5 hrs of waiting... transit pax would reboard.. INCLUDING
a fresh load of pax who would travel to SIN ( SIN-SYD-MEL-SIN was the menu card )

Other than that, its the same old service sequence and delivery. No innovative ideas
from crew division. Its brain-dead. ( except when it comes to discipline.. all the lights will illuminate... )

ENRICHed member said...

Same old service and delivery.. no innovative ideas says the previous person but SIA is still up there with the best.

Stop complaining and be grateful for having a top performing national carrier.

You wanna trade your SIA for my national carrier?

Silly cousin!

Anonymous said...

Where my comment went?

Anonymous said...

"where my comment went?" this was left by a kiasu person !