Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Perks provided by crews' hotels

It is interesting to note that each time cabin crew nightstop at overseas stations they may be provided free breakfast or/and access to the hotel executive lounges. Most of the time, these perks are restricted to the senior crew but at certain hotels all cabin crew enjoy the same privileges.
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Legend:  IA (Inflight Auditor)
               IFM (Inflight Manager)
               CS/CSS (Chief Steward/Chief Stewardess)


Anonymous said...

But after retiring, they might have to work in a supermarket like their predecessors,short of collecting cardboards.

So not such a good life after all.

Anonymous said...

There must be more to life than free pastries, gourmet coffee, banana,
and cold cuts. Its a reflection of how easy it is to win hearts. Just like
in elections.

Anonymous said...

Actually the crew can retire rich if they are financially prudent while working. Sadly, most aren't hence the need to still work after retirement.Nothing wrong with buying a few designer bags,clothes,jewellery and shoes but some have as many Emelda Marcos and Ms Rosmah.

Anonymous said...

I think its the perception that:

" I've arrived..."

The sensation of belonging to an elite group of people
that has access to "the lounge on the Executive floor 36th floor "

The sensation that "I am a very important, successful business person.."

The illusion... hah!

Anonymous said...

Yes.IFM retire now in Nutty Supermarket as packer.It server in restaurant or whatever menial. They cannot be in critical leadership to lead Society into the Mellinial or we shall be third world status in golden cage,fattened to serve the Master, also the next generation and so on.Stupidity cannot be taught, it's default. Being paid thousands does not mean one arrived. Only the beginning, or retired ,money ran out pick cupboard for exercise cum peanuts for the table. Rubbish dump Manager,it cleaner, same things. Still dont realise,it's too late.

Anonymous said...

I just ran into a ex IFS working as security guard at Takashimaya.
Thought you guys always say cabin crew are professionals and highly sought after during PFS?
So why ended up as security, some condo managers (Colvin Q), housekeeper, butler (GF)

Anonymous said...

They are not professionals but nothing wrong becoming security guards etc

Anonymous said...

Which part did the precedeing comments mentioned it was wrong to be a security guard? I think it is you who think so by jumping into conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wanna act noble woh. Ask your kids and parents and siblings be a security as there is really nothing wrong. Nobody even mentioned there was anything wrong with your dream profession.

millionairess said...

The IFM has to 'motivate' his crew.
Telling them that they are:
'sought after'
'premium airline'
'crem a la crem'

These are phrases borrowed from others, particularly
the AMs and CCEs.

And what motivates the IFM?

The hotel's executive lounge lah!
Not realising that once they leave, these freebies disappear.
and they just cant take their wallets out to fork out cash to pay
for their own hotel rooms or even buy an airline ticket!

Even paying for a cuppacino is very difficult... not to mention a coke!
They have forgotten that to live the high life, you need $$$$, which
they dont have once they leave the insulated world of SQ.

They dug their own graves.

Anonymous said...

Those guys can still hang on to those memories la. Just like the dinosaurs who keep talk about concorde days, MAS days or paya lebar days or talk about people we dont even know who. People now talk about cashless society etc, they still talk about those things lor .

Angry said...

It's so sad that people earning at least $6k a month now work security. What has happened to Singapore that Singaporeans have to work until they drop dead? Work 30 years but still live in a small flat and cannot afford a bike let alone a car. This is not how things should be. SIA should help their former employees. This is so wrong. From IFS to security....

Anonymous said...

You guys probably voted for this. So i dont wish to hear any complaints.

fked... said...
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