Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tattoos and slide jumping

Heard these 2 stories from a crew...

  1. A wannabe passed her interview but was asked to return for a review after taking off her dental braces. She did return 3 months later without her braces but instead with multiple tattoos on her arms. She was not accepted by the airline.
  2. A trainee after completing her cabin crew course had problem jumping the slides during the safety training. She was too scared to jump but the airline was gracious enough to get the counsellors helped dispel her fear of jumping down the slides. After counselling and assurances that she would be fine, she still would not jump. In the end, she and the airline parted company.


Anonymous said...

Where the comment went?

Anonymous said...

Why I'm not cabin crew and will never ever be one?

1.cannot swim
2.afraid of heights
3.cannot stand noisy babies
4.don't drink,smoke,shop excessively or gamble
5.afraid of creepy crawlies
6.afraid of ghostly encounters

Everything else (height, weight,skin, hair etc) OK.

Btw, how can you expect to pass with tattoos on your body or if you're afraid of slide jumping.No airline will accept you.