Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Almost ridiculously high level of .....

Chief steward Mr Foo has been praised by a passenger for his " almost ridiculously high level of professionalism, service and dedication".....Read more

On the same note, one of ex colleagues used his bare hand to retrieve a diamond ring from the aircraft toilet bowl for a lady passenger. The irony was, the same colleague was ....Read more


Anonymous said...

Its almost like trying to accrue credits for better karma.
In the hope that such acts may balance, contra-off any bad deeds
or insure against retrenchments or help in extension of employment.

No one has dispelled the notion though.. especially the management.
Why should they?.. it works in their favour!

What?.. he did it purely out of care & concern for his customer?
This is where there is a ton of misplaced focus.
Employment was offered to you based on the criteria of 'pleasant-ness'

Would it be unpleasant to demonstrate empathy, submit a VR, log it in the defect log...?

Useless deed.

Anonymous said...

Yet forgot about how the CC served the passengers on board which didn't get noticed unless it's written down.But then how many CC can praise onself to heaven high unless one it's literate which does not go with the job.Should be an mp and check ownself and pay raise to the sky. VYY went to heaven trying to fit in with the standard s that other Crews will talk about. How many broken relationships with family at base.IMO much ado about nothing said by Shakespeare or at CC fattened cats and Lassie and Queenies and Shiok Bey ,Sexcy. Rise in oil price will knock the nails on them and knock out the little yellow canary out of the crowded sky.It's about time those in CC get a real jobs instead of fake satisfied I am paid well thoughts. Finally cannot find nano cards,it's as fake as can be.Don't be fooled by silly news or worst stupidity stuffs.Credit those CC who slogged and not recorded or written !

Champion crew said...

He used bread tongs, fashioned it to suit the situation.
Its food service equipment. Was it washed and reused for the
return sector? Or discarded?

Demerit points issued for using 'inappropriate tools' ??
Hmmm.. I wonder.
Its a skill that can earn him an income when he gets the sack eh?
Problem solving skill?.. how suitable!

Better issue another guideline....a job for the jiak-leow-bi CCE to do next.