Thursday, September 21, 2017

Being likeable and convincing is crucial

To be able to score well in the cabin crew interview, one has to possess the likeability factor. Ask yourself whether you are a likeable person. If you are then chances are the interviewers will pay attention to what you have to say.
Next, do you have what it takes to be a cabin crew or flight attendant? You may say that you are pleasant, cheerful, helpful, approachable etc etc....but are you able to convince the interviewers?
If you have the ability or skill to convince the interviewers that you possess most if not all the qualities they are looking for then you will land yourself with your dream job.
This is not a rocket scientist job. It is a simple job and you will be considered successful if at the end of the flight, your passengers feel happy and contented with your service. Therefore, the interviewers are not looking for clever,accurate or witty answers. As I have told my past seminar participants, the accuracy of their answers are not important. The process in which they answered the questions are more important.
At my Talks/seminar, I will speak about how one goes about being likeable as well as how to convince the interviewers that one possess the qualities they are looking for.


Anonymous said...

BT wa your analysis is very cheem unlike those I found in the internet.
Compared to yours they are amateurish. Thanks Sir!

Boh Tong said...

Thanks to above Anonymous.