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Monday, September 11, 2017

DVP has retired

The Divisional Vice President has left cabin crew division recently. He was the number 2 man in the cabin crew hierarchy. I was told he left under the "Early Retirement" scheme. He had been with the company for 3 decades. The reason he left was to seek God. He has been religious recently and has been attending bible classes. I was told he even visited the holy site in Jerusalem.
I wish him the best in his endeavour and may he find love and everlasting peace in God.


Anonymous said...

It is a pity that this nice boss has left.

Anonymous said...

He has gone to seek redemption for past sins while he still can.

Anonymous said...

Yes.Taking responsibilty.

Eddy Chiew said...

W.Koh left because he fell out of TPT's favour.

Anonymous said...

Soon he will be wondering around kopitiam, play golf at 2pm,
visit JB, and ballot for JCL/FCL seats to Hokkaido.

He should have started 5 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Following CX lesson,belt tighten two notch,so no 2 got the fans.Go or be gone,play 'arrived'game like golf,flog for others and make this place secure.Job security ?Not when Muddle East Air around,oil money,LC airlines around.Only one ,CC become MP ,but liver gone need to borrow to live.Draining the swamp,Trumpspeak.