Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ex chief steward,founder of animal shelter NANAS

Raymond sold his house and grooming business for almost S$1.5 million and started Noah's Ark, a home for abandoned cats,dogs and strays. Raymond Wee is an ex chief steward with Singapore Airlines. His love and compassion for these unfortunate animals was so overwhelming that not only he donated all his money but devoted almost half of his life to provide love, security,food and shelter for them.
Raymond is now in charge of Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Johore Bahru. It shelters around 700 dogs, 300 cats, geese, horses etc etc.
His blog is at


Anonymous said...

Raymond as a crew was not very communicative with his fellow colleagues. He did not show much emotion and EQ was not good. I think that is the reason he is interested in animals. No doubt about it, Raymond can communicate and live amongst animals. He is an unusual human being.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.
He has a stern, unsmiling face.
Better suited for CID investigating officer role.

No fun working with him.
Poor communicator.. good he talks to animals instead.

Anonymous said...

After having to work with all sorts of characters at SQ, it is hardly surprising a retired crew prefers to surround himself with animals. Singaporeans are a selfish lot. You die your business.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying junior:

I feel very happy for him even though i do not know him personally. He is living the live which many people cant. Unlike those many still flying in the airlines, living in self denial telling themselves outside is tough, flying is a good job very good life style, lol...