Monday, September 25, 2017

Ex Ls passed away

Former LS Omar who left the airlines some years ago to work in a hotel has passed away yesterday. Heard he died of brain cancer. May Omar RIP!


Anonymous said...

His brain probably couldn't process the fact Singapore now has a female Malay President.

Pigs can fly after all.

Comedy of errors in Sinkieland causing brain disease for some.

Anonymous said...

People already die liao. So why cant you say something nice or just stfu?
Dont vent your political frustrations by dragging Omar in.
Anyway I am very sure you voted the current govt and you deserve what you voted

Anonymous said...

Those remarks are really uncalled for.Do have some compassion!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one. Since a Malay miraculously became President, maybe the ex-LS will rise from the dead. Anything seems possible now.