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Friday, September 8, 2017

No respect,no love for about management?

Management plucked you from the thousands in the queue. Gave you a "home" in cabin crew. It guided, trained and nurtured you. It spent thousands to transform you from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.
Remember the days when you were blur like sotongs and management opened your eyes to the world of fine dinning and all the finer things in life. Gave you a chance to step into the world's latest airplanes, enjoyed sleeping like a log in the crew bunks etc. On top of everything which you did not deserve, management pays you an attractive salary for doing simple tasks like how to serve meals, drinks and kowtow to the passengers.
Now you have gained so much "knowledge" about the finer things in life and have tons of $$ in your bank account, driving nice expensive cars and some even live in private properties, are you still grateful to the company? Remember the dignity and self esteem it has given you until some even become the yaya papaya type?
You may not like the IFS or IFM but surely you must have some feelings and respect for the people in the management who had helped transform your lives, right??


Anonymous said...

Rememembering Cyril Teo.Still remember him.RIP.Doraisamy for being a great union head.Edward Ang etc.The rest have too many faults.AO Chan.L.M,��See BW.Rest let me recall.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the end it's just another job that pay bills, 10 or 20 years down the road many would have gain so called 'knowledge', or fine dining etiquette, which some already knows before they joined. In fact throughout the career path, which is lacking in the crew side of SIA, one would probably be served on board instead of serving.

Many joined just for the experience and not everyone take it as a life long career like how in the past where one can afford at least one condo and living the luxury life. The company is squeezing every bit from their front liners, or worst to say, their company(country?) ambassador, meanwhile sitting behind computers issuing new cost down related notices while not knowing how it is to fly now, as compared to the past, or worse, they have not flown.

How to respect or appreciate the management?

Cosmo-tic said...

Easy task to reduce costs
Easy task to create new tittles to boost ego
Easy to terminate employment
Easy to create lots of attention to recruit new crew
Easy to focus on medical certificates
Easy to sign cheap hotel contracts
Easy to accept more work dumped by other divisions
Easy to assign blame and fault to crew ( really...anything!)

I want to be a CCE

Anonymous said...

With regards to the 2nd post- you people (waiters and waiteresses) call yourself ambassador now? Lol. You know what is an ambassador? Chan heng chee, tommy koh, tee tua ba etc are ambassadors not you all. Mai sia sway la

Anonymous said...

Despite what you might think about the management, in management/HR literature, SIA HR policies are regarded as one of the best,even at postgrad level.

Anonymous said...

I believe SQ has HR policies that are well regarded by practitioners of HR.

But, I think crew division practice another version of it.
You know... like having 2 sets of accounting?
One to submit for competition... the very clean and well presented one?
The other... a bit messy, incomplete, and lots of lobang?

Anonymous said...

Entrenched uses another without benefits to Crews.Not systematic,only reasons bear it out got commitments etc.Shame on them for unable to act fairly and reasonable implementations.Union ?Helping themselves etc.Now screw on crews tighter to be out of the red.Everbody for themselves include own bread.Results ?Negative comments on seniors and management.

Anonymous said...

Higher ranked who got into gravy train benefits money wise.For lass ,exposure to big fish worldwide.For other juniors not so for the manna from above.Got into problems,smoked,relationship and family in base etc.Much break up and breakpoint in aircrew life,how much can lighten and repair such situation ?Whatapp and skype can patch up distance moment to near but not replace in your face familyhood.Not applicable to Gayee and Lassie though,make up by on board relationship,through bully reladtionship,good life through or else.Transmit sop and such by IFM ,so fracture/friction point of contact or concern.Sop could be questionable or unworkable by stuffing down the throat of crews,thus comments mostly negative.Management can choose to ignore or mishandle,IFM gets the S""" on the window.Alas exotic life of CC!

Anonymous said...

Above me stupid comment. Tok cock bring disgrace to urself. BT shd not publish idiotic comments.

Anonymous said...

Wah the comment above ramble like Zorro toothpick. Heng ah

Talk nonsense haha.

Btw onboard relationship is what?

Why cannot speak plain English?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rile you all.Gayee and Lassie or relationship on board.How many #ole on board the galley ?If #ilot go inside with CC you never heard off.You were not told truth.Ha ha,two inside back restroom I done that.You ?We were young then.How many CC ditch their wife at home for another ?Dont want to distress the homemaker.Zorro is a league on his own.Different class.Dont want to be sued like Kong Hee Fatt Choy.Also CEO on board with another to NY ?Too close.Jackie Chung,OTC on face to face ?SM also,loaded case at JC by bodyguard?This is a gossip ,not politcal.Get it.Rudolf Nyerulf the ballet dancer ?This is to entertain you all not condemn.Silly ?Takes two to clap.Maybe you are too ugly or fugly.Look in the mirror.Delete ?At least i can entertain.You ?Wah Kan Seng ?

What talking you? said...

Previous anonymous can join the military. His message no one can decode.

Anonymous said...

Dr Foo