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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Please show some respect...

Many comments (mostly from junior crew) regarding ex or retired IFS are less than gracious. There were some extremely rude comments concerning this category of people which I have refused to publish.
Do you know that the majority of these IFS do not live in subsided flats(HDB)? They are quite well off as compared to many in Singapore. They used to earn an average of $7,000 per month prior to their retirement. In reality, they do not need to spend their lives working during their retirement years.
Most are in their mid to late sixties.
I do not see anything wrong working as security guards or driving taxis,uber and grab. These are decent jobs paying them decent salaries. It is a fact that these retired IFS work to while away their time. Frankly, most do not have to slot like most of the current crew.
Do you remember the time when you were new to the job, you needed these IFS to help and guide you in your work? Come on, don't be so ungrateful and berate them now that you do not need their help.
I hope to see some positive and gracious comments about these retirees.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong staying in subsidised flats (HDB).

Anonymous said...

Get real.Some of them sucks.Only refers to them who made bad decisions on the crew by Screwing them up.No justice or rights of crew at all,next level complaint to Ward no point, same mindset. More so they lived in landed or condos, fruits thru illegal or not blessed. Some deserve comments, some do not, retired means equalised,so expect marked IFM who got fat thru the system, unforgettable and unforgiving till death or so.Those who acts fair do not get slammed. Fair right, or IFM for live ?Don't depend on title can be sued or whatever. Remember open season after retired.Applys for junior also but got sack earlier on.

Max T said...

I don't live in a subsidised HDB flat like most of you. I am not dependent
on the government for subsidy but am an asset to the country. In other word,
I am not poor like you buggers who still have to face the awful paxs, carrying
theirs and management bols for a living.

Anonymous said...

I also live in East coast areas,got too much left from IFS,so called then.Go BKk every week without FOC for my fun, may not be your lifestyles choices. Am asset to my country by keeping mum on local issues that affects heartland pple who awaits handout every seasons for any reasons.I might be an ass to other people but I wish myself longer life and occasionally prayers from well wisher. When I fly,I try not to be an ass,being ex ,CC before, don't want to be Si Si to death.Hope to donate to charity when My time comes.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in HDB, whether sub or not.Behind whether can plan well,being 30 years in CC ,at least a condo or, money gone,great gone. Means bad mind.

Gooon-du-sammy said...

Regardless of private or public housing,
most IFS/IFM/SCS/AoTC/CCE/AM are unloved.
Probably 96% unloved.

Not because they did their job carrying out policies
or instructions or enforced rules, practices.
But its their attitude of:

" I am right... you are wrong"

Respect was demonstrated only because of the rank they held.
Nothing more.
Once out of uniform, no longer an employee, the person is just an idiot.

Now, about taking up the job of security guard or some other work like a driver of sorts. It affirms the idiocy of the person.
That person talked so much when employed, painting an illusion of high cognitive capabilities only to take on a low cognitive job after leaving.

The aura, halo disappeared, no better than the Aircraft Cleaners or catering officers.

That is the reason why they attract so much negative comments.
This is the real feedback. Not the 'ra-ra' wayang you see in the office or on board.
This is why, outstations they are left alone. Cognitively deficient.

There are exceptions though.. but they form less than 5%
The acid test is how many ex colleagues will turn up for a get together.. particularly the junior ranking ones.

More than 3 will be impressive.

Anonymous said...

Wahaha. BT asked for respect and look at the comments he got in return for demanding respect for the senior crew. Keep it going guys. Let's see what respect the seniors can garner.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

if they have built a good reputation during their flying life, I believe they wouldn't have earned such real comment when their status is taken away due to retirement.

they reap what they have sowed throughout their flying life

Anonymous said...

Comment removed?

Anonymous said...


Those younger crew will also end up getting old too one day (unless they die young?) what


Anonymous said...

Must have posted something true but very 'hurtful and disrespectful' to our beloved seniors woh.

Boh Tong said...

These days the younger crew (not all)can be describe as "bo tau bo suay".
True, they don't realise they will be old too unless they die young haha

Anonymous said...

To gain respect is to earn respect. If the IFS start ruling with a Stalin fist than the end result is pure Doom.
Lets be real here those so called IFS who goes around on their high horse barking orders demanding respect are nothing but posers, a child hiding behind mommy's skirt.
FEAR!!! is what got them all tied up.

Boh Cheng said...

Respect within cabin crew is an illusion.
Remove the tittles, sit down and have a drink.
Remove the authority
See how many will remain sitting.

Its all false.
Dont kid yourself man.

Anonymous said...

IFS? IQ of a primary school boy is likely higher. frankly speaking, you are nothing without the uniform and purple tie. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Comment not published????

Worse than 154th media.

Anonymous said...

The 'seniors' have been duped by management.

By making it difficult to get promoted, managers have
created the impression that these 'seniors' have qualities
that are much aligned with: " mission - visions " .

Its all hogwash.

Think about it.

What questions were asked for the 'written' test?
How would these determine qualities?
How does the lack of medical certificates determine qualities?
How is 'leadership' or 'team spirit' determined?
What is 'leadership' within the environment of a flight attendant?

Eventually, people get promoted based on such nonsense criteria..
the result will be fake respect.

Eddy Chiew said...

Dont know abt others but i was certainly the most respected IFS.

Anonymous said...

Ownself praising ownself? Sums up supervisors at SIA, all thinking they're God's greatest gift to the industry. When will they ever learn? Where have all the good people gone?

Anonymous said...

The good ones were forced out by the evil ones. Was on a flight with a nice guy years ago when I saw how they accused him of something and sent him to CI and eventually sacked. From then on, I lost respect for these people and I quit after finding a job outside.

Anonymous said...

The good ones have been called home to be with the Lord la. Dont you ever notice when you read the shit times whenever somebody dies, its always some ' well liked or friendly or polite or jovial' ones that die?
Hence I came to summise the so called nice people had been called home be with the Lord already

Anonymous said...

Also known as Eddy Tiew,the Triumvate of Union head.Operate Pay per view promo, IFS from 5000 to below.One down ,three to go Operate Unhappy crab at Araby Street.Cooking the members during his terms as union head, retired by cooking Unhappy crabs to tourists overpriced and proceed of fats in CC.Promote kaki nang left and right until all IFS,so ivory tower cannot feels the ground.How do I know ?Because IFS told me.Probably reincarnate as crab to be boiled,broken,chillied to the eyebols and bols.But suspect its a troll,as he is not internet savvy and peppered with bad english as in the dishes.Should ask for refund now with interest.

Anonymous said...

Fixed by Union head then.Ownself promo owngroup.Good guy loses and evil overtaken and you quitter ?Thats life but it need not be that way.Circa 2017 ,same thinks repeat itself.Where have all the good guy gone.Sent to exiles and the mercy of the selfy brigade.Soon ,it will come to you if you are not prepared to repel.Lord have mercy of those left behind.

Everything oso complain said...

Complain culture is prevalent in Singapore society. No wonder got so many grouchy people in SG.Remind me of Grouchy from Jalan Sesame.