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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reasons for the low intake

It's part of my business to find out why the last intake of cabin crew was low. According to my source, instructions were given to the interviewers to be more selective but they went overboard and shortlisted relatively very few candidates.
I suspect that the first round interviewers were inexperienced people who came from the IFM and IA ranks. To them, only the almost perfect candidates should be shortlisted. That's the reason why in some cases, not even 1 of the 10 candidates were shortlisted for the 2nd round interview. This is a rare occurrence because the norm is 3 to 5 candidates would be shortlisted for the 2nd round.
Some of ex-colleagues and I did the same mistake when we were novices. We also thought we must get the perfect candidates. We were corrected by our bosses and told to shortlist the average candidates and leave it to them, the bosses to further interview them. We were told to get as many as possible, so long as they show the slightest potential of becoming a crew. The final "say" should be left to the bosses.
We hope to see it reverse to the status quo in the upcoming interviews!


Failure said...

Incomplete, or non specific criterias used in assessment during interviews.

Descriptors need to be as accurate as possible and with lots
of examples for interviewers ( assessors ) to follow.

Take for example:

Eyebrows- poor application of eye shadow.
What is poor? define "poor"
Poor to another assessor may be acceptable.

Tone of voice- uses soft tones
What is soft? define "soft"
Soft=manjar?... siow-chieh??

When criteria is not specific, there will be much more variation
in assessment outcomes as each assessor has their own bias.

After all these years, one would have believed, a company as large as this would
have honed their HR skills to a very high standard.

Your cousin said...

Why cannot choose own lipstick colour like some airlines? Red don't suit some.

Who is in charge of grooming for SQ girls? Mary Poppins?

Boh Tong said...

Your made me laugh till my side hurts lol...I agree with you.

Jean said...

Me and all the others (9) were booted in the first round.
Interviewers looked fierce and unfriendly.

Anonymous said...

The interviewers must have been those outdated old mean Purple monsters. They don't get gen Y at all. How many good ones got away after not making it to the next round?

Fret not, there's always middle east airlines. SQ's loss...