Sunday, September 24, 2017

The cabin crew "advisers" will determine the standard of service

All managers and senior management staff in cabin crew are technocrats. The online Free Dictionary describes a technocrat as a "technical expert, especially one in a managerial or administrative position". These people has zero knowledge of inflight service and yet they determine how the service on board the planes be carried out. Fortunately or unfortunately, these technocrats has a pool of former cabin crew known as cabin crew executives and assistant managers to advise them on how to run the cabin crew division. Not only these ex-cabin crew advise the senior management on matters relating to inflight service but also on crew discipline, crew morale, training and so forth. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the cabin crew executives and assistant managers are credible and reliable advisers.
I do not have to say much but judging from the current standard of service will tell us how dependable and competent these so called advisers are.


E. Lim said...

In the good old days the managers were ex cabin crew while the current managers
are grads with no cc experince. Also the cces or advisers were experienced people
like E Ang, L Yeo and others.
The current advisers were people who attained their positions by licking their bosses' boots. So bt there is no comparison between your era and current.

Anonymous said...

When you rid cc office of fat AMs and lesbian then things will improve.

KLKK said...

Their knowledge has expired.
It was donkey years ago that they last flew as crew... in any rank.

They do fly now, but its on holidays or assignment ( very rare )
If they do fly, its with free ticket and that means they have ZERO
exposure on what the competitors are doing.

So, its all within the same gene pool.
No cross pollination of ideas.

Their only skill is organising a DI/CI and issuing
demerit points. ( not sure if we can describe it as a skill though )

Its stuck.

Anonymous said...

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God help SIA!

Anonymous said...

Shiok Boey is lesbian meh?

What standard? said...

Just because a woman is boyish, doesn't mean she's a lesbian while a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than women isn't necessarily gay,not that I like misguided pink dotters.

Anonymous said...

SIA service is condemned to bad service due to the old farts
who are misleading the coy.