Friday, September 1, 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald talked about flying

A decade ago, The Sydney Morning Herald reported the following:

"In practice, however, others take a more live-and-let-shag approach. "Yes, we had passengers going into the toilet together," says Boh Tong, a recently retired Singapore Airlines steward. "We just closed our eyes. If we were to stop them we would probably get in trouble because on Singapore Airlines the passenger is always right, even when he's wrong."

Tong jokes that the airline's code - "SIA" - actually stands for "Sir, I apologise".

In 2004, Virgin Atlantic went one step further when it introduced double beds on selected routes.
"When it comes to naughty passengers, we will sometimes name and shame people," says Nick Larkworthy, a Virgin Atlantic marketing executive. "A little while ago a colleague of mine was flying Virgin and, as the aircraft was being packed up for landing, the captain came on the PA thanked everyone for flying with them, wished them a pleasant day, then congratulated 'the couple seated in row 21 on joining the mile high club overnight'."

But when it comes to misbehaving, the cabin crew are the real professionals.

"One time, years ago, I was told to guard the toilet door when the chief steward went in with a passenger," Boh Tong says. "Another time, a young attendant flipped out and attacked the chief steward with a [15-centimetre] carving knife."

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