Sunday, September 17, 2017

Who are the IAs in cabin crew division?

I.A. is the acronym for Inflight Auditor. Who are these people? Well, they are in reality IFM (Inflight Managers or formerly known as IFS or Inflight Supervisors). The IA position was created after the CCE (C/T) or Cabin Crew Executive Check & Training was made redundant in 2003. At first, the IA was known as CTS or Check Training Supervisor but retitled as IA a few years later.
The IA assumes the role of the CCE. He/she is a ward leader in charge of around 200 to 250 cabin crew of all ranks. IA's also conducts training of new crew as well as operating crew of all ranks.
IAs are selected from the IFM rank. It is not a promotion but an appointment meaning no increase in salary. It is on a 2 year rotation and will resume the position of IFM once the 2 year stint is over.
Although the IAs' duties are almost similar to that of the CCEs, the IAs are paid a salary  much lower than a CCE, eg. max basic salary of CCE was about $7,000 whereas the IA is paid about $4,000 per month. The difference between the IA and a CCE is that the former is a "grade" staff and the CCE, a "management" staff. IA's travel entitlement is economy and CCE's, first class (subject to seat availability).


Anonymous said...

Could mean Internet A""hole or Intermittent A"" for two years reign of terror.In short,cheapo AOat 4000 versus 7000.Give a tie and name tag can put terror on the CC on board.Sop on service put up by who ?CS then promoted to IFS.Feedback on whether its workable or practicable,only when a class of robots as paxs and soldiers on board,a case of fluid interaction of many factors each uncertain and human actions and response,how to quantify and transmit to check reports.CC might deviate due to side orders,as many as the length of five fingers.Staring at end of the plane and observing the person unlucky to be marked,many have dropped trays,etc.Challenge the report,next person ,level another same mindset and yardstick,whether one is wrong or right ,on default better be wrong and safer to say SIA or Sorry I Apologise.Most promoted fast are either have quality of stab in the back ,mercy and forgiving not in my dictionary,otherwise stay unpromoted.Such are the root cause and the chain of appeal non,unless one is protected,which include being unionist and others.The punishments could be demerits or dismissal which could have repercussions on young family.

Boh Tong said...

I forgot to mention that one of the IA's duties is to appraise the IFM :-)

Anonymous said...

Its terrorism.
Created by demons at STC.

It is evidence of the negative culture being bred.
The class monitor reports on his team mates.