Saturday, October 21, 2017

A sensible comment by Ah Kua Foo re: LGBT

Ah Kua Foo said...
They add colour to the work environment.
They are much more expressive than others and
are confident.
Most are creative, innovative and have contributed
to provide a level of service that is not what the
employer has directed.

Some notable ones have passed away, either after retiring or
whilst in employment.
They add value to the service.
Unfortunately their work have never been formally recognised.
Though the management has boldly stolen concepts and ideas.

You need not embrace their sexual orientation.
If you respect them for their being and ignore the other parts,
they can be very good friends, and they can be very fun to be with.
Their deliberate drama in handling difficult situations helps diffuse them.

Its like deliberately using Hokkien dialect just to get a point across
in a jacket & tie moment. It works... and that is all that matters.


Anonymous said...

They are one reason for the degradation of society.Don't make God angry.

Stone them!

Anonymous said...

Wtf! Stone yourself! If you like stoning that much go live in Brunei!

Anonymous said...

Try, just try not to judge.
Try not to pass judgement.

and try, just try not to execute either.

Regardless if its immoral, not what God intended... etc
Imagine one day, when your grandson or granddaughter
reveals their sexual orientation...

.. your love will be tested, then how??
Judge them, and execute?

Look within your heart.
It might be better to judge the politicians who F-K your
life and you dont even know.

Anonymous said...

In evolutionary theories, the ability to replicate is the most
vital part to ensure survival.
If replication is not achieved, the blueprint cannot exist.
Reproduction is not feasable for Gays.

But the Bi and trans can.

Anonymous said...

"Sisters" usually give better service and don't have jealousy issues with tech crew.