Wednesday, October 18, 2017

About the LBGT in the airlines

Some readers have asked me to blog about LGBT among the crew. Frankly, I am not an expert on the subject so I can't say much about this special group of people.
However, in my umpteenth years of flying, I must admit that I know a little bit more about the LB than the BT.
The Lesbians are not very open about themselves. They tend to be secretive and keep to themselves. They do not trust the "straight" crew or even the Gays. The latter are more open and some are quite proud to be considered as gays.
In my opinion, gays made up of about little more than 10% of the crew population of 8,500. The lesbian group is much smaller, perhaps 2 to 3%.
The gay crew are by and large good service providers. They take pride in their personal grooming as well as in their work. Most, if not all of them will look forward to their next flight with eagerness. Every flight is an opportunity for them to meet handsome and good looking passengers as well as the male crew. Those lovely stewardesses who work under their senior gay stewards must be wise enough to not to compete with them for a share of the macho male passengers. If one crosses swords with her gay senior, one would be in trouble.
As for the lesbians, their jealousy is much more intense than the gays. For the stewards working under senior lesbian crew, they must know who their senior lesbians crew are eyeing. For example, Anne is a beautiful charming stewardess and Linda the lesbian IFM (Inflight Manager) has an eye for her, then John the steward should steer clear of Anne or else......!
The Bisexual and Transgender are mysterious groups because very little is known about them.
I hope I 've answered the question posed by our readers.


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As an icon,not good.Work impecable but man baiting and dislodging of paxs to selves bad.First L## ,featured on safety video was quickly replaced when dying and breaking out of physical signs of afflictions.The worst is at briefing room,friends and colleaques turn away to avoid looking at the signs.Friends,mates going and feared of being near.He passed after a Limo tours around the beloved city he was born,arrange by his sisterhood.All we can say,once in never prefers another so stay straight.Better as blessed by the church.

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disgusting on what lah?
---- Amen lol!

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have u ever met some lesbian IFSS or CSS during you time uncle? Ive met senior gay crew and they're chill. It'll be interesting if current crew can contribute/elaborate on this :)

Boh Tong said...

Yes I have met them.A few of the cc managers and cce were gays & lesbians.

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Late Cyril,too much goodness that crew took advantage of him.Passed lonely but fondly remember.Derek Isaac,good co ,drink done him when he never show up for flight.Paul ,part actor and good heart but always buying stuff we willingly help carry down.Respectfull and lived the live they want,no critical issues but younger like Sunn, deserves no respect,just a piece of bitch for Ang More,going aided by the usual infection.KY Jelly,Adonis in CC,a new damsels every flight to protect. Too many and too long to write here.Two g## pilot in cockpit ?

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You need to moderate your comments.All have rights under the constitutions,including prisoners and preferences in private and consenting adults,cannot be prosecuted unless it is assault.As LGBT,their lifestyle and those with family and children have more to share,spend and care on themselve,so advantage.If they dont cross you,why get upset ?LGBT would not disappear from the face of society,and monetary wise getting stronger.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, how would passengers know which of these female crew is not straight? It's much easier to tell for the gays ones. Are those non straight stewardess boyish looking or some are very feminine? Much easier to pick the gays from the straight than lesbians/bi from the straight.

Anti pinky dotters said...

The only good thing about these people is that they're good at their work but other than that, ewwww.Repulsive creatures. Girl and girl boy and boy while some are neither here nor there. Luckily our Mr BT is as straight as a ruler.

Ah Kua Foo said...

They add colour to the work environment.
They are much more expressive than others and
are confident.
Most are creative, innovative and have contributed
to provide a level of service that is not what the
employer has directed.

Some notable ones have passed away, either after retiring or
whilst in employment.
They add value to the service.
Unfortunately their work have never been formally recognised.
Though the management has boldly stolen concepts and ideas.

You need not embrace their sexual orientation.
If you respect them for their being and ignore the other parts,
they can be very good friends, and they can be very fun to be with.
Their deliberate drama in handling difficult situations helps diffuse them.

Its like deliberately using Hokkien dialect just to get a point across
in a jacket & tie moment. It works... and that is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

People should respect others regardless of their sexual orientation. What you should be hating are those rapists and murderers. uncle BT, how did u discover that some CCEs and managers were gay and lesbian? Anything they act in particular? Im just curious about them since no one really discussed those issues. Please post more on the topic?