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Monday, October 9, 2017

Mixed Class of Cabin Crew Trainees

I blogged about this subject 10 years ago but maybe you may like to read it again:

It was more challenging to take mixed classes of male and female trainees. Somehow, the guys would end up giving the trainers more headaches.They would kind of like to "show off " to their female colleagues and in the process misbehaved themselves.
There were cases of guys refusing to obey simple instructions from their instructors and challenging them instead.
Ultimately,these types of trainees were sacked. SIA do not want to keep this type of employees, who insubordinate themselves in these early stages of their career.
These were mostly guys from Malaysia. Their average age as trainees would be around 20.
Male trainees from Singapore fared much better. Their average age would be about 25,after completing their compulsory National Service.
The Malaysian boys did not do any National Service.
So it was assumed that the stint in the army or any disciplined force did some good to the guys. Naturally, age played a part too, as the Singaporeans guys were older than their Malaysian colleagues.
When it came to the female trainees, it was the other way round.
Malaysian girls behaved better,in terms of performance and discipline.
They were generally more unassuming and conscientious than their Singaporean colleagues. I would say that the Malaysians were more "hungry"and in Hokkien, we would say more "chai see".
Singaporean girls were more pampered and spoilt at home by their parents.
However, towards the last 10 years of the 20th century, the Malaysian girls were generally just as bad. Reasons?.....Malaysians were also getting more affluent and less "hungry" or eager to work hard.
Forget about the China girls or the Taiwanese. They were just as bad.
Indian girls?....they were worst. Indonesian ? .. no better.
The best were the Japanese trainees.
So, from their profiles, you could see how challenging it was for us, as trainers, to mould these trainees in their early stages to become the best cabin crew in the world.


Anonymous said...

The Jap gals of today are not as hardworking anymore!

Anonymous said...

Japanese are like muslims.
Plenty of form
No substance

Anonymous said...

Malaysia boleh!!

Anonymous said...

Japanese no substance ? Which country are you comparing to? How much do you understand about their culture ? Too many one liner no subatance comments in this blog, it reflects on the viewership and their "substance" .

U know nothing said...

But the Japs still make good porn. Plenty of substance there.

Anonymous said...

have u heard of the famous sia ifs sharon kandiah (if i get her name right)? was she there when u were in the airline, Boh Tong? did u train her by any chance?

Boh Tong said...

I don't know Sharon and think she was not with SQ when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Sharon in SQ since 1991

Anonymous said...

Is Sharon still in SQ?