Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not just "Sir" in SIA business or first class

Had lunch with a friend from Sydney. He is a lawyer and is visiting his relatives and friends in Singapore. On his flight from SYD to SIN, he was impressed with the cabin crew who had looked after him. His family name is quite difficult to pronounce and instead of just addressing him as "Sir", the stewardess politely asked him how to pronounce his name. He told me on his other flights, the crew would conveniently address him as "Sir". I told him the crew are trained to ask the passenger how to address him or her if the name is unpronounceable. By the way, he travels business class most of the time.

BT: All first,suite and business class passengers should be addressed by their names. When a PPS/Solitaire passenger flies in the economy class, crew should also address him or her by name.
Crew do not have to address economy class passengers by their names.
A list of passengers' names are kept in the document bag under the charge of the most senior cabin crew.

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Nothing new said...

Not surprising since SIA crew treat Western passengers better than non Western ones.