Saturday, October 14, 2017

Not so good business class service

On his flight from SYD, he was impressed with SQ business inflight service but on the sector back to SYD yesterday he text me this message:


Anonymous said...

Shitty service is the norm and expected. If you encounter slightly better service, quickly write in to compliment the crew. If you encounter shit service, just shut up and accept it. If you dont like it, dont take SQ. We dont need biz from self entitled people like you. Thank you.

Pax said...

Another crude comment supposedly from a crew!

Not Chi Ko Pek said...

Stewardesses pushed their "nuts" into your face wow so shiok one!

Anonymous said...

Good service is only reserved for Western passengers.

Labour partner said...

In manufacturing, one style of T shirt in one colour and one size,
a production of 1000 shirts may have zero defect.
The chances of defects increases if the production increases to 10,000.

This is in a manufacturing environment with machines and computers
to manage and sort the production 24/7.

In the hospitality industry, including inflight services, much of
the service is delivered by humans.

Humans are very prone to errors.
Humans also can be very flexible and are guided by morals and ethics.
Machines do not have morals & ethics.

SQ flies to 62 destinations
With inbound & outbound from SIN, thats 124 flights per day (minimum).

But in SQ, the process of altering a human to behave as a machine
is nearing perfection. It will take time to achieve zero defect. No software
is currently available, and SQ managers are learning by removing any part
that does not fit.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

They pay u to be machines, they pay you to lose your humanity, they pay you to relinquish your human right, they pay you to obey.

SQ crew members will one day be no different from a replicant (Yes iam using a bladerunner term)

As long as no crew past and present stand up against the tyranny SQ management is doing to them, The management will continue to do as they please.