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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Removal of posts in my blog

Someone from the airline called asking me to remove an article I posted in my blog. It was about a female crew who was charged for theft during her stay overseas. Subsequently, through the union's intervention she was left almost unscathed and resumed her flying duties. I was told she wanted to move on and so it wasn't good of me to blog about the incidence.
I had many asking to remove this post and that post. One even asked to delete a post that did not concern him. It was about his friend's friend. It was about theft too.
There were others who took selfie in nude and pictures of themselves while engaging in sexual activities. Then somehow somebody got hold of the photos and they went viral in the airlines. I posted them once I got the photos. Again, I was told to delete them.
Even management had in the past asked me to remove posts I made about them. I complied and delete some but not all.
I am a blogger and I make money from blogging. If I were to accede to the requests to delete my stories then how am I gonna to make money?
Can one asked the reporters to remove stories about them in the newspapers? You can't right? So a blogger is some kind of a reporter.
My advice is if you do not wanna feature in my blog then do not do stupid things like those I've mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Uncle BT just ignore such people. They are lucky that you merely write about their stupidity. Imagine how much worse it'll be for them if it was in the form of a video like those on YouTube. If people can make money uploading videos on the stupidity of some people then why can't bloggers do the same?Moreover it's not like you're making it up. Your stories are based on facts just like those videos so nothing defamatory.

If you don't want people to blog about your stupidity then behave when you're at SQ.

I've seen worse on YouTube so don't worry Uncle BT.

Boh Tong said...

Thank U for your support :)

Anonymous said...

well said BT

Anonymous said...

if u keep removing as the management or individuals ask you to, they will continue asking you every time they are not please with your posts. If they cannot sue you about the posts, please don't remove anything.

Boh Tong said...

Sure I won't remove them but sometimes I know these individuals and in order not to
have bad feelings with them, I simply remove the posts.