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Friday, October 6, 2017

"SIA embarks on biggest internal overhaul.."

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has embarked on a three-year turnaround plan to review work processes and operations company wide, as the airline faces fierce competition that has eroded profits.

What we, as cabin crew are concerned is the following statement made by SIA as reported by Straits Times " SIA is also relooking flying rosters which could lead to some flights being converted to turnaround services where crew do not need to stay overnight at overseas stations".

How is SIA going to convert the night stop flights into "turnaround" flights? Can SIA make the crew do the SIN/TYO/SIN, SIN/SYD/SIN, SIN/MEL/SIN or SIN/LHR/SIN etc flights without nightstops?
All the abovementioned flights will exceed the maximum duty hours allowed if they are converted into "turnaround" flights.
Perhaps, reducing the training period of the new cabin crew from the current 16 weeks to 6 weeks is a better option that would help save some money for SIA. 

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Anonymous said...

It took them so long to realise those jiat liao bee crew are overpaid, underworked and over-pampered?

Anonymous said...

1 set of crew deadhead
another set pax back lor

Anonymous said...

Despite 16 weeks training,there are so many blur block sotong crew,6 weeks training would be a bloody nightmare for the senior crew and woes to the passengers :(

Anonymous said...

SIA is prudent and will succeed in this project.

Anonymous said...

TPT is specialist in this field. Altogether and shout now.... HUAT ah!

Anonymous said...

Very simple:

Early retirement of all Managers, SVP and
appoint the AM, CCE into 'acting' positions.
They have good ideas that they can finaly launch
without being shelved by managers & SVPs.

'acting' saves a ton of money, its proven method.

Little Porter said...

Any cost cutting plan should begin with the salary cut of overpaid SIA top execs.

Why sacrifice those at the bottom first??

Anonymous said...

Why should ground staffs be sacrificed to feed the lifestyles of flying waiters and waitresses? I fully support cutting pay of the leeching cabin screw. Crew salary should go by flat rate and capped at 3.5k max.

Anonymous said...

The above extremes views show how bigoted and ahortsighted and stupidity.Okay if flying crew capped at 3.500, then proportionately ground staff salaries need to be adjusted ownward for foreign cost of living,foreign exchange rate and other inconveniece allowance.This include being local and based in home based,cost of burger,nasi lemak and kaching puteh being local food.So expect cuts of thousand per ground staff and no taxi ,only smrt no uber only moped allowed.Fair enough ?Pilots from 3 world countries, can take off landing no guaranteed.Insurance needed for flight.Journey to nowhere ?