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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

SIA inks a multi billion dollar deal with Boeing

SIA has signed a S$18.7 billion deal with Boeing for its 39 new aircrafts. We wonder why would SIA placed such a huge order when it is not doing too well.
The budget carriers and Middle Eastern airlines are wearing down SIA's profits in recent years. SIA has hit back by reducing its fares while trying to survive. But using newer aircrafts would push up its costs and I don't think it is a fantastic idea to operate with newer aircrafts.
Nevertheless, I still have confidence in SIA top management and believe they are doing the right thing.


Anonymous said... appease Trump that's why. If you don't invest in America which leads to American jobs, he will boycott you. Other airlines have also bought new Boeing planes.

Politics politics politics

Snowy Beagle said...

Just have to see what happens to those considering Canada's Bombardier C series instead of Boeing.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the worst president the US ever has. Btw, Have u heard about the bedbugs problem on British Airways recently? What would SIA do if there's the same problem? Would they upgrade the passenger? Just random thoughts!

Not always a great way to fly said...

SIA has received bedbug complaint before and in Business too. Mishaps happen and at any airline.Those pesky bugs are everywhere and they don't need a passport to travel.

Anonymous said...

Trump is rushing against time to make America great again. Cannot blame him for this. Many other airlines have joined the queue in signing huge deals with Boeing Co. These include fighter aircraft as well. The recent announcement from China on the leadership renewal within its Politburo has set the alarm bells ringing louder than ever before. Hence, the US President cannot afford to be caught off guard. He is in a similar predicament like President Duturte who had to get rid of drug dealers in his country; something his predecessors had not done.

SQlike said...

What would SQ do if pax complained of bed bugs???

A box of chocolates solves all problems... really.
(The crew need to capture one or two to attach to report though.
cant be helped... you know. Its auditing.. nothing to do with management )

Anonymous said...

Bugs of the species Inflight Auditerus and Manageris have been running wild for two long on board the cabin.They have evolved with thick epidermis and mind patterns through conditioning what is said to be superspecies,which is fake news.Eliminations of them will make CC great again and with the long range non stop planes on order in the future will ensure the future is bright.After take off drinks were eliminated and expect more money saving items like share items like rooms and Mobike etc.Get rid of Gayees and Lassies and service will be good ,even greater for all straight family who have to support families.These are worse than bed bugs,sucking motivations and careers of many regular guys and girls.Entrenched bugs will never improve CC,merely patting each others,with qualities of stab in the back and making and fixing crews those without such qualities cannot make the cut,just be an ordinary crew flight in and out.

Me not LGBT! said...

Got such "Bugs of the species Inflight Auditerus and Manageris" meh? haha you make me laugh till my sides hurt. Gayees and Lassies are good service providers and colorful people mah so why get rid of them huh? be fair to the LGBT la lol.