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Monday, October 30, 2017

The destructive bugs onboard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bugs of the species Inflight Auditerus and Manageris have been running wild for two long on board the cabin.They have evolved with thick epidermis and mind patterns through conditioning what is said to be superspecies,which is fake news.Eliminations of them will make CC great again and with the long range non stop planes on order in the future will ensure the future is bright.After take off drinks were eliminated and expect more money saving items like share items like rooms and Mobike etc.Get rid of Gayees and Lassies and service will be good ,even greater for all straight family who have to support families.These are worse than bed bugs,sucking motivations and careers of many regular guys and girls.Entrenched bugs will never improve CC,merely patting each others,with qualities of stab in the back and making and fixing crews those without such qualities cannot make the cut,just be an ordinary crew flight in and out.

Anonymous Me not LGBT! said...

Got such "Bugs of the species Inflight Auditerus and Manageris" meh? haha you make me laugh till my sides hurt. Gayees and Lassies are good service providers and colorful people mah so why get rid of them huh? be fair to the LGBT la lol.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious SQ provide the crew with Mobike? I have also
heard that it provides Grab & Uber as pax and crew transportation too.
What's next? SQ creating jobs for cab-sharing, bike-sharing and Boeing? How
about creating jobs for Stinkaporeans, unkles and unties too?

hory, hory said...

If we look at employment as a crew is temporary or
not suitable for having a family, like being a prostitute,
then, everything falls into place.

The perspective that being a crew ( tech or cabin ) is like
any other job, is wrong. Change that outlook and all that management
has been doing makes sense.

Trouble is, many think its just like any other job on the ground.
Its very different. Families not conducive.Its for swinging singles.

Anonymous said...

What good service do these gayees and lassees provide. Mind share with pax?