Sunday, November 19, 2017

Some dun believe I am in Japan. Well I was on the above flight 3 nights ago. Dun be fooled by the above photos because the flight was almost full when it left Singapore. 
Frankly it is a pain to post photos and blog using my phone. I did not have my laptop with me so expect some delay.


Anonymous said...

Expect delay like your mrt? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Get a new laptop lah.
The newer ones are very, very light
Below $1k, good enough.
Store all your stuff in any CLOUD.
(free of course up to 1GB, use 2 or 3 cloud services )
Access from any device, anywhere in the world... including outer space.
Blogging from phone is not comfortable due to screen size and keyboard.
Lots of spelling errors.Not to mention WiFi speeds.

Set up a twitter account.. send tweets instead.
Am sure you have loyal followers.. enough to justify twitter account.

Anonymous said...

Okay with spelling errors due to phone autocorrect.Some dumb wtf thinks it keyboard based when doing on a smallest screen.BT needs clicks ,doubt Tweet can provide.Speed for commenting can do with less.Anyway BT should enjoy his second homebased.Probably be back after 31 Dec which is Jap new year.

Boh Tong said...

Ya I need clicks and plenty of page views to survive so Tweeting is out. WiFi speed is painfully slow resulting in me not keen in blogging. But still to make some pennies to survive I will try my best to entertain my readers 😂😂😂

Boring Japan said...

The plane looks half full.

Ditch this route or SQ will be hemorrhaging money.

Who goes to Japan anyways?????