Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Of alleged molestation and wines theft

  • An IFM (Inflight Manager) has been sacked for allegedly molesting his female colleague. I was told from an inside source that there was no strong evidence to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the molestation has occurred. However, to fire and hire is still the prerogative of any company in Singapore.
  • Some cabin crew were nabbed for allegedly stealing several bottle of wines belonging to the company. According to a reliable source , the crew was given a few bottles of the aircraft wines by a chief steward. They posted in the social media that the wines were given to them by the chief steward on their flight. Unfortunately for them , the company was tipped off by someone regarding the post. Eventually the crew were hauled up and interrogated. The chief steward has also been implicated.


Anonymous said...

These people never learned so deserved to be sacked!

Anonymous said...

Bugs Manageris strikes again!After the Retirement of Octopusy Ling,the judgements and fairness of Bugs On board have always been doubtfull to be fair or otherwise ,unless the House of Hung case of Fairlady Ann proves cases of misbehaviour runs in all Rank ,even now.If has driven those CC to take to the bottles ,which is only noticed when caught.These twin behaviours of CC only provides more jobs for Sexcy etc, to chop or not.For those with family , it could come at a worse time,dropping problems maker and getting newbie to come onboard SQ.The middle path is compensation for hurt feelings but it looks the road of no return by the FSS once reported.It only provides entertainment value for all.At the least, the defense of being only acting like bugs instinct is no defense.

Anonymous said...

Sacking is pretty serious so the management must have had strong evidence to do it. In Malaysia, you got the Labour Dept and Union to contend with.

Anonymous said...

Wtf talking you again? Forgot yr meds?

Anonymous said...

IfM losing their jobs and family in deep shit and you proposed no solution ?Can only say WTF.Mister WTF,my days we had plenty of offloads and drink to the night in Male , so who the F are you.Octopus Ling ?IFM and Auditors are no guaranteed of being sack, get it.Consensual acts whatever and Gayee and Lassie abounds and its all a Happy Days on 15 days journey.Mister WTF,change your monicker and be a better CC,thats Competitive Commentators,loser like you like to condemn people with weekness and weakknees,heck once I had my fun.You ?Elaborate in more words so that all can be titilated.Dont use WTF and debate.

Anonymous said...

The stewardesses got shit in their brains to boast about their
loot in FB. Not only sia screw them up but the cs will loose his job.

Anonymous said...

Depends if the logo sdnp seen.Could be something else.Got a fight again.Go get a good lawyer.This case peanuts compare to losses of billions.Nothing to lose.Law s fair,benefits of doubt.Maybe fixed for publicity ?Prima Facie got a case.?Can buy imitation props for shoots.Take care be good,do good.Happy days my days over.

Anonymous said...

Waste money to hire senior counsel to save a waitress in job? SIA got billions and a depth of legal team to play along. Your chances of winning is 1% against them. During CI all the SVP need to say is he is inclined to believe...
My batch boy

buah long-dong said...

Low hanging fruit for SVP.
Easy to do, quick to show cost reduction
of $7,000 being pay of IFM.

With standards like that, what do you think
is the service standards on board?

Why?.. nothing to do with that tittle?
Everything to do with Fss, IFM and anything between?

Anonymous said...

David and Goliath case historically.Some legal team need publicity and late Anandan Subhas brother of Suresh ,blessed be his name defended Cindy long ago.She is free now,but FSS is not another waitress, so what if serving you.Your mother serves you long ago,whether worth fighting their cases is debatable.Publicity is bad especially bully boy.SQ need to tread gingerly in cases.Worth a fight especially when people are young.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know of a guy who was setup. Gave up fighting the case after he was deemed guilty during CI as he dun have the means to pursue further. Sad story. Hope God bless him

Anonymous said...

Its internal.
If allegations made and statements given to police,
its hands off from employer.
Consequences can be worse than early retirement.
Internal provides negotiation for resignation instead of dismissal.
External requires heavy monetary costs and employer can give notice
to terminate employment, by giving you pay.
Either way, employment gone, free travel gone.

Choose, the red or blue pill.
Either one you go down the rabbit hole.

The Matrix

Anonymous said...

Aiseh anonymous, learn to write succinctly. You from where,RI????

Anonymous said...

Fixed up ,setup in those days aplenty
.Not now.Fund raising is as easy as abc.In IFM cases ,entrapment or yes mean no or maybe.Gives wrong signal to IFM. Not easy life of CC.Anandas defended Constanly such that 12 years now she is free.God bless those who were fixed.Remember them now.I believe the comments above were from knowledgeable sources,to assist.The aluding to rabbit hole came from Alice in Through the Looking Glass.He cannot quote too liberally thru Matrix.Its is more than succinctly and talents not necessarily from RI.Groupthink and contributing to society seems to be lacking,except school of hard knock.For CC to progress all must give or whither Sin City.

See liow... said...

Ok, who's next in the queue?

All those extended are in front of the Q
Do you live in fear & apprehension of being accused?
Its a police state created within.

Now you know how standards have dropped so much.
No one dares to rock their own extended life boats.!!
Because you cannot remain holy and do no wrong!
So, everyone work within the book.

In the hospitality business, sticking to the book
cannot cover every situation. The gaps can be seen
as opportunities to delight, yet it can also be displeasing.

SQ knows.
They also cannot create SOPs for those gaps.
So they hope personal ethics and morals of individual staff
to SOAR.

But it wont happen often enough as compared with yesteryears.
People feel very insecure with a insincere culture bred within
a police environment.

Good luck guys & gals... good luck to all.. youre gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

Bright and shiney,merry X'mas for some.Black X'mas for those affected.Maybe warning for those who assisted.CS got f for nothing.Brainless FSS,can downgrade to waitress or back to hometown.The Carol sings You been bad.Got the sack.Nothing in the Bag.Santa just left.But learn in life and pick yourself up,find your true friends now,colleages disappearing down rabbit holes.