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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Otters not allowed to board ? :)

It is the airlines fault for not putting up signs informing the ottters they are not allowed on board lol :-)

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Anonymous said...

Better than bugs.Otters service simply,through everthing and wont complain.Love by all worldwide.Or feared by CC on board.?

Anonymous said...

Once at airport, someone tried to bring their hamster. Airport security realised when went through the xray.

Anonymous said...

New signs to put up due to feedback and demand from pax er Otters,new Singaporean.Not kiasu or demanding,but based on demand new -class er cargo class er cage class.@@ =BYO ×$## ,signs says bring own,be fats no reproducing on board.No cleaning of cage and underarmour wear at all times by service or CC.Asian otters only not Giant Otters.schedules not guaranted.

Anonymous said...

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