Friday, November 10, 2017

Smoking in uniform

A member of the public, purportedly a fellow Singaporean videoed some of the cabin crew smoking cigarettes in uniform at the hotel lobby in Australia. He/she sent the video to the management.
The crew concerned were hauled up to the office after the flight and given a dressing-down.
Although the crew did not commit anything serious, somehow it is not good for the company's image to be seen smoking in public.
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, the one who sent the photo to Management is not only a self righteous person but also an arsehole. Did he know that what he had done could jeopardise their career. Simply one of those c*^t who goes about with a "holier-than-thou" attitude, judging and scrutinizing everyone else. Must have felt the kick to know that he is able to get others into trouble.

Stop complaining said...

Common at KLIA and few other airports but nobody says anything.

Bet the one who complained was a Singaporean,silly nosy Stomper.

Nothing to see here.

Jason Lo getting arrested at Dubai airport is real news.

Anonymous said...

Qualities needed like suck up,stinger and reporing of wrong doing in uniform.Cannot have the qualities ,cannot be so no extension .In the least ,must have clean hands at all time.This is CC,not Smrt where fake jobs reported and not done.Auditors got bad eyes ?Manager to be got no guts to report ?At the top ,its alway lonely,whether one can take it,comes as a package.Then need to watch the back all the time,be religious.You need $7000 monthly ?Press the button.

Anonymous said...

No need for IA!
Public and kay-pohs can do oready!
another cost reduced!!

CC.. you die liauw!
No safe place to hide.. not even toilet!
Amazing work place :)

senior ifs said...

Just curious. Any comments from the union?

Anonymous said...

Can smoke in uniform so long as not on duty because the last thing passengers want is to be served by cigarette smelling crew.

Anonymous said...

Murder trail in Holland for cigarettes Co.Goverment,SQ says no smoking."served by cigarette smelling crew",that is the complaint.Most smoker not aware jackets ,kebaya smells bad.If servers cannot think good,which is addiction to nicotine,why should pax put up with smokers in any contact with them and their health.Of course the culture in CC not CC friendly,only pax friendly.So pump up nicotine to handle stress onboard,no way will it compromise,especially Aussie Law, and the cycle goes round and round.Losers CC smoker.Make a choice,Auditors and Managers job to report smoking etc,so can extend themselves.Tampering dectector and blowing into sinkbowl exhause will not cover the smells of smoker. Similar rule to Cockpit who smokes and force First Officer to vacate temporarily.Cigarettes Co laughing all the way to the bank,smokers hurt sue in class action,SinCity gets nothing.Upgrade your life,its all about addiction to product,nicotine in every stick,can control a 6 ft man er,so powerfull ciggies ?In the end smokers go heaven first,which as population control as good as birth control.Same same.Medical industry laughing also,always busy.Hospital etc.Kill ciggies!

Bald Eagle said...

Perhaps the person who complained should mind their own business .Especially when in another country .

Anonymous said...

Maybe the person who complained was a passenger who didn't manage to get the stewardess' phone number. So he complained out of spite. Wouldn't be the first time male passengers have gotten female flight attendants into trouble for spiteful reasons.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie pwn sinkie mentality.. don't know why we have such a culture. I think this is why the PAP keeps getting voted in every election, they enjoy seeing Singaporeans getting sucked by the G.