Saturday, November 25, 2017

Stewardess detained by security at Changi Airport

An air stewardess was detained by the security personnel during a routine check at the departure hall in Singapore.
The reason for the detention was that the stewardess was found with an empty cartridge in her bag. In Singapore it is unlawful to be in possession of firearms, cartridges empty or otherwise.
I was told the stewardess had gone for a shooting lesson in Houston during her nightstop and had brought home the empty cartridge as a souvenir. She was ignorant about the law regarding firearms and cartridges.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the Lion Air incident?

Can a passenger hold a flight attendant 's hand to prevent them from leaving until the seat issue is resolved?

Would SIA crew have handled this better?

Anonymous said...

Depends on which country and airlines and fs.If gayee ok to hold longer,can ask for phone no.If fss not taken by rich ,do all possible ,riches could be billions in foreign bank,one fss taken and happily ever after,second wife ok,better than lechers like auditor and manager.But then maybe lc air not organise as SQ etc.But restraining an attendant is against all sop ,including Airline Sop and local Sex Harassment etc.Land into changi,sure SPF acts fast before next flight of FSS.Complaint always against pretty FSS,previous cases.Benchmark by SQ,if Middle East Air,could be prince this or that.If Indieland,my friend is minister of Civil Aviation,ok give me a Black Label.No problem.

Anonymous said...

What the media and everyone else dont tell or say is that
women have the advantage. Despite all the talk about equality at work,
equality with salary, social status.

Women can claim molest, rape, harassment whenever they feel they
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If the woman like you, its ok
If the woman dislikes you, its not ok.

This part is never mentioned.

Prince Charming kissed Snow White.
Got permission or not?
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Fairy tales....

Anonymous said...

FSS uses signal,low cut and so to charm PPS etc,as a defense mechanism.Over done to IFM becomes a wrong person and receive mixed signal,called entrapment as in movies etc.Fall hook line and sinker by IFM,then becomes Sex Harassment cases.Overseas and being onboard can wreck the minds of them.Loses control then becomes another case on return to base.Seen it all.