Thursday, November 2, 2017

Unreasonable so called friend

Jason (not his real name) was an ex senior cabin crew whom I knew fairly well. He was a swanky guy and was doing well in his "business" when he was still flying with the airline. Many crew were his "friends" until one day he became so broke due to his "business" failure. He owed many of them money which he was unable to pay and so he left the company prematurely.
During the time Jason wasn't with the airline, he conned his friends into lending him huge sum of money. He has a flair for convincing people to lend him money.
Jason fled Singapore when there was a warrant out for his arrest for cheating. Apparently, he cheated one of his friends who subsequently reported him to the police.
One day out of the blue, Jason contacted me. We went out for a meal in JB and he told me about his problems. He wanted to borrow money from me but I refused to lend him. He was upset with me and told me he would not count me as his friend anymore. At one point, he even threatened me with bodily harm for not lending him money. I wasn't afraid at all and told him if he ever threaten me again, I will report him to the police.
I blog about Jason because I am upset with him too. He is a different Jason from the one I used to know. I suspect it was his losses in gambling that led to his downfall but he would not admit it.
Jason if you happen to read about this post I offer you no apology. You deserves every bit of what I said about you. Also, please do NOT contact me anymore.


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing! Why should you lend your hard earned money to someone whom you know will not repay?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is this saying in this ancient TV series. The Prince was collecting money from officials who had earlier taken a loan from the Treasury. He told those officials who were reluctant to pay, "When you wanted to borrow money, you knelt before me. Now I want you to return the money, I have to kneel before you". If you loan to him, I think kneeling won't help. Wise decision.

Anonymous said...

Even if he can repay never lend because once it becomes a habit, it'll be hard to shake off,like gambling,drinking and other addictions.

Anonymous said...

If can surf internet to read the post, he not starving.
Not starving, no need money.

Boh Tong said...

You 3 anonymous up there I like to thank you for your support. From what you all have written, I think I have done the right thing not to lend money to Jason.