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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Less (VNPL) Voluntary No Pay Leave for cabin crew

According to my source, the number of crew applying for the voluntary no pay leave (VNPL) for the month of October is 700+ and only a handful  (less than 40) was successful. Naturally, the unsuccessful crew were disappointed. Many have planned their itinerary for the VNPL period and some even have enrolled for courses.
The sudden change in management strategy is not unusual. They are many things cabin crew management has to cope with as far as crew scheduling is concerned. One reason may be that some other airlines (Scoot/SilkAir) may have a last minute surge in the demand of seats. They may not have enough crew nor the aircrafts to accede to the demands and thus seek SIA's help.
Another reason could be that SIA suddenly mount numerous chartered flights due to strong demand from the travelling public. Hence, the inability on the part of cc management to grant all the requests for VNPL.
I am not sure whether cc management has explain to the crew the reason or reasons for not able to grant many their requests for VNPL.


Ubester said...

The practices of management is crude.
They can afford to be because none of the 700 will walk out
and resign. The impotent union is also sleeping.

I hope there will be a disruptive innovation in the airline industry
just like GRAB & UBER.
SQ managers need to break a little more sweat.
Too cosy environment when labour, manpower is concerned.
Too much confidence due to large hoard of cash.

Chief Stewardess said...

Can't disagree with you for this management suka suka do what they like!!!
I had arranged for a holiday with my friends and had to pull out due to
their fickleness!!!

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:
i cant agree more also, everyday i also pray for a new tech to disrupt airlines business
as i cant wait to see the face of those self declare demi gods in STC. Why demi? because their god status only within the STC. I cant wait to see their face when it is their turn to lose their jobs when everyday day it seems that their job at STC is to make crew lose their jobs or suck their motivation out. The day will come.

Anonymous said...

Yup.Obvious signs of infestation onboard.Alarmed as I am by reports of low morals of CC,I quickly consult a Professor of Emotology I met online,who made the discoveries of Auditeris and Manageris."Prof Chua,I cut the interview to the core,How did this species of Bugs came from and how it evolved to such infestations that it spread ,complains from Dept of Transportation Worldwide and Aviation Security complaining of disruption of operations checks.First let me discribe how it come to from normal CC.In the years it was created in the lab ,therefore the nomenclature of Simsboho to save cost.Adviser LimpehPee to have cheaper cost per flight,thus created the Program Better Upgraded and Grand service,in short BUGS and unleashed on CC.The Subsidised Air MidEast have become a threat to Airline worldwide.
Prof Chua, can explain why the left arms have a stinger like Scorpion ?
The prerequisite for such heinious duties involved jotting down any procedures not in SOP ,without feeling any human weakness and needs and comfort of both user,the pax and the servers.First hurriedly written by CS Wantan,it lacks experience,sense of flow and only work with robbots who ate in unison,thus paxs rebel by doing their own timing and other extra others etc.So what happens.So Wantan was found wanting,and promoted upwards and all were astounded.Therefore to be InflightAuditors and Manager etc,all candidates have to evolved,through repeated training which only Gayee and Lassie have the mean ,time and so to undergo such horrendous change.Thus the stinger on the left arms,retractable.Thus the harden stinger can retracts inside such that it triggers the metal detectors worldwide,causing Aviation Security to scan and rescan.To moderate,they are thus screen last,to prevent embarassment and issue a note saying ingrown leftstinger have no security issue,only usefull back in base.Some say it is for stab in the back,or or scratching hidden iches.That being settled,I asked the lifestyle or rather workstyle,how does it work onboard or rather victimise or scare or worse worsened the life of ordinary CC.First of all,the presense is announced by a black striped on the tie in the briefing room.Black as in funeral atmosphere etc.Then onboard during full service,it parked or hung its back like a hammock to a hook point on the back of the plane and stared at CC from lookout point.The airplane manufacturer have accept or accomodated such unusual request by point a hook for use of the bugs programme,in the name of meeting competition in the face and reclaim past glory and make the Airlines Great again.However the unusual ESP power is the one causing concern such as making the trainees or one on check to feel shaken and then drop trays and other abilities like spoiling your flight all the way and bad checks and also your wallets.Prof Chua, is there any good or usefull functions it performs beside those you described and modus operandi.Are there any good bugs ?Yes,a good bugs is mounted on my display ,in the studies of how to control and eliminate the threat to humanity and working class CC.Prof Chua suddenly took out a vacuum cleaning tube and pounced on a bug on my sleeve.He then placed it gingerly on the table and squashed the life out of it.Then he took out a magnifying glass and point to the mouth of the bugs.This is the probisis,for sucking up to higher and ensure selection.Point noted I said.Then what about bed bugs?Ah,he said thats a special bad bugs,it infected by Ichybawa,specially prevalent in the past, now under acts scream and the rest is history but ending assured for one or both. At this point the phone rang,hello,he excuse himself.Yes, I be there pronto.I will update you after this,I will call for further consultation.Thats all for tonight as I finish for the night,Prof Chua Bug Sat prepare for his flight.

Anonymous said...

Cant be helped..
we were polled back in 2012, by Gallup and
we scored badly.

Its amazing how management can behave in such a flippant way,
even with apologies etc. and expect their employees to serve
customers with excellent attitudes and behaviour.

So disconnected.
I believe people nowadays are very much in tune with
sincerity, and if they ever experience insincerity, they will turn
their backs.

It will end up an empty shell of a company.

Anonymous said...

Nimpeh dunno wtf is the above writing

Anonymous said...

Ya la nimpeh aso cunfused. How lian eh

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!
No paragraph
No indentations
No spacing
Lucky got punctuation man!
Think keyboard fked

Irritated said...

What are you writing anonymous? Some of the Chinese school kids can write better than you. Thought Singaporeans had good English skills. Our one lagi better. How did you pass Mr BT's test for getting the comment posted?

Anonymous said...

Siow lang comment BT also published wtf!

Boh Tong said...

Irritated ...if i don't published the person will get mad
with me. He or she has put in a lot of efforts to write such
a loooooooong comment so me pity him/her and publish that trash lol

Anonymous said...

Decoded.The appointment if Inflight Auditors and Manager coincide with the retirement of the AO/Check so its seems to be a note to the then CC Director Sim,who later left to form the LC Airline mode,which did not do well.One must emphatise with those forced to retire.So genus bugs Simboho-auditoris etc.I do not think must of the capability or fairness of them ,judgement or otherwise as voiced out here, so adviced by LimpehPee of Chee,Pee,Tua Lup Nee and Co,expect the worse oucome for CC.Nobody will be upset unless you are the bugs squashed or are you the bugs,I did not mention orientation of CC.Satire and humour seems to be lacking here.Injection of such will not harm anyone.Trash means cannot be sued or defamed.BT test is such that I half expect to be rejected but he thinks otherwise.I am also Lol.It set you thinking which I am happy to draw I got your attention.Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Decoded? Lick my arse bloody stupid clown! Need attention go somewhere but not here.
It shows how low a cc can go.I'm disgusted!

Anonymous said...

Why can't people learn the art of being clear and concise in their writing?

Write so many lines when all it takes is just a few to get your point across.

Anonymous said...

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