Monday, November 6, 2017

Will spending $1.18 Billion on A380 fleet help?

SIA is going to spend some $1.18 billion to retrofit its entire A380 fleet. Overall the seating capacity will increase from the current 441 to 471 for each airplane. However, spending such a colossal sum of money may not guarantee that SIA will make more profits unless it reduces it fare across the board.
How could SIA compete with a low cost carrier like Norwegian Air which recently launched it SIN/LON/SIN flight starting from S$199 for a one way trip, SIN/NYC $357, SIN/LAX $391 etc.

 I sincerely hope the money SIA is going to invest will bring big rewards for its shareholders.


Anonymous said...

Share price will be $9 soon.

Anonymous said...

My honest opinion not that we need the airlines,david will win.CC will be reduced to the bones in all ways with Grab and uberly killer apps to cut cost.Expect CC to be physically worn out and maybe based overseas without the cost of expat trappings.Can study overseas for family etc.Oil will normalise at 60 plus and not a cent forr CC use,maybe peanuts.Shares price be 9 as noted by above.Millions people will rather their private plane into Seletar for the price of Suites.More suitable for honeymooners and trap for life forever by user.S## in the A## be the new normal.Better change to Millionaire Class ,then How Lian will book.

zzzzzzzzzzz said...

Its target group are the people awash with cash.
People from China, India.
So much cash that throwing $20,000 per seat ( bed ) is
like throwing $2 into paraplegic's tin box selling tissue paper.

This group of people will grow beyond the next 5 years, despite
North Korea threat. Singaporeans are not well informed until years
after the fact. Especially crew... they are kept hypnotised by trainer,
by scheduling dept, by control, by Union.