Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is this for real? Thousands queued up for the so very often interviews and you mean to say only few qualified till must resort to this? 😂😅😆😋😉

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Anonymous said...

Either the interviewer done badly or they are searching for the perfect candidate of superworker who is gayee to be safe and dumb to be working on minimum off days.New internet economy and LC airline who needs to be full service crew ? Asking for the moon and not much taker,a read on feedbacks on blogs and sob stories will scare them.Too many exposes and only FT will apply due to 3 times effects and 3 world like Taiwan taking jobs Sinkie dont wan.Next pinoyance and Indonese,no NS and cheeperer.That is what MOM wants,fill up with FT,Sinkie becomes Security better wage soon.More trustworthy than FT.