Thursday, December 28, 2017

Don't touch them with a ten-foot pole


Anonymous said...

You over 40s,50s and 60s should be preparing and deciding which
old folks homes to lodge instead of flirting with the
youngies lol

Anonymous said...

Why should we when they are so unfriendly and unhelpful?

They tend to treat Western and non Economy passengers better.

I find crew from Middle East airlines friendlier and more helpful.

If it wasn't for the higher priced fares of these Middle Eastern airlines, more in the region will fly with them and ignore Asian airlines.

Also, some of them bring it upon themselves. Have you seen some posting semi nude pics of themselves online?How about porno videos involving airline crew?

So now you know why many have a poor perception of flight attendants.

Anonymous said...

Come on, You can find self made porn videos from all sorts of vocation online. Does it means you have poor peception for everybody? Go Google it yourself, I am not sharing :)

Acting PM for Dec said...

I say anonymous....while it's true many make porno videos, flight attendants are different because they represent the company so we hold them to a higher standard. It gets worse when they do it while in uniform.

Anonymous said...

It is a very useful strategy for the company's management to
fully adopt zero tolerance to sexual harassment etc.

They could adopt zero tolerance towards excessive cabin baggage or
defective galley or cabin equipment.But with that, they pay lip service only.

Zero tolerance towards sexual harassment easier to achieve and demonstrate.
It cost less, its initiated by victim, it reduces headcount.It looks very ethical.
It scores well in public relations, without even publicising it.
It gives the girls assurance that the bogey man will be captured, interrogated and punished.

It gives the girls a focus but steers them away from the fact that they are being used as an attraction anyway. It so happens that the guys are unwitting partners to this strategy.

Insidious utterly.

Anonymous said...

Some of these young girls are hypocrites because they don't mind sleeping with the young male stewards but get angry when older stewards touch them. Once you become a steward/stewardess you become public property,where getting touched is inevitable. If you don't like that then move to Kelantan.

Anonymous said...

Yup.Insidious on board.Offers and use charms to disarm SPPS,or So Pathetic Personality Sucks and gets compliments/point for promotion and rejects older IFM when winds of phrenomone drifted to them.How to shut up the from the CC.?Mindless and tight Services drives them to Cuckoo Nest etc,can see cannot touch,can feels but cannot react.Only for pax ?Flying mess up their minds,should take up decensitising course for male.One up for Gayees and Lessee,Ads says it all ,Come Fly and Kebaya and all that.If canno t stand the heat,leave the kitchen,lots from China and Indie applying.Minimum find big fishes on board,help to bridge the divide in Sin City.Private housing and public not written on boarding passes and forehead.Behaviour will tell.Sucks !

Anonymous said...

I dont know why people keep saying “ahh these young girls don’t mind sleeping young male stewards, but do not like it when older male stewards touch them.” It’s the girls’ choice to choose who they like or who they want to sleep with. Just because they like younger stewards, that doesn’t mean that they have to like the older stewards as well. Old stewards also prefer the young stewardesses than the older ones...but no one is making a stupid and ignorant statement like the above! so much double standards :0 It’s also about age! Young stewardess and young stewards are age appropriate. No one really likes to sleep with a man who is as old as their father. Imagine waking up near a man who looks like a grandpa when you’re only 20-ish hahha. I would faint lol!

Stop complaining said...

If a young stewardess doesn't mind sleeping around, then she is in no position to cry wolf when allegedly touched by her supervisor. How do you expect others to respect you when you don't respect yourself? Act like a slu+ and you'll be treated as such. And how come these girls don't complain when touched inappropriately by their female supervisor? Let's give some of these older men the benefit of the doubt,especially when they've given half their lives to the airline. Not all women can be trusted. Always crying wolf when it suits their agenda. Management needs to wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

The old stewards are the ones that cry wolf when they get sacked by the company. If those older stewards have the guts to mess with those young stewardesses, then they must know the possible consequences. However, if both side give their consents then it’s fine. Don’t get all touchy with the young one when she doesn’t like it and cry wolf when u get sacked lah. Of course, not all women can be trusted, so aren’t the men. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS CONSENT. Old or young, male or female is not the focus of the case. If one party does not agree/give consent then its just pure trouble!

Who knows why these young girls don’t complain against their female supervisors! Maybe they don’t mind, or they don’t care as much. Sometimes they are ok with particular female supervisor, but not every supervisors. If the girls are fine being touched by certain female supervisors, it doesn’t mean that they are fine to be touched by the male supervisors.. So stop assuming! If u got so much “why” questions and doubts, psychology and philosophy classes can help!

With that said, management needs to wake up and give everyone credit or sack if there’s a need to. But with saying such as “let’s give these men some benefit since they’re given half of their life to the Airlines....” sounds like an excuse that people make for their little children. You do it, own it up!

Anonymous said...

Company should not get involved in the investigation process.
All allegations must be backed up with police report.
Meanwhile both parties grounded, after 1 month, no pay leave.
Till police case is completed.

If investigations reveal accuser has no basis, company will terminate employment.
Police matter is best. If the girl cannot prove anything, she should be charged.

Anonymous said...

Are there any current sia supervisors that u are friend with BT?

Anonymous said...

Wake up and face the reality that you are old and past your prime. No one wants you to touch them. If they allow younger or more capable men to touch them it's their choice. If you are old and hopeless best is you stick to touching yourself. Don't expect others to allow you just because you've worked in the airline for a slightly longer time.