Sunday, December 3, 2017

Double standard ? I hope not

IFM "Mo" was demoted to the position of a leading steward (LS) in mid 2014 for upgrading an off duty stewardess. It was 3 1/2 years ago and he is yet to be
moved back to the next rank which is chief steward. It will be a slow long crawl back to his original position of IFM (if the company is merciful and just) or he may retire as an LS.
Talking to a crew a few days ago, I was told that a pilot got away with a forfeiture of his one month bonus instead of a double demotion as in the IFM`s case for upgrading his girlfriend on his flight. I hope it is fake news or else people may think that the company has 2 sets of rules, 1 for cabin crew and another for the pilots.
Some years ago, a pilot went to jail for hitting an old man in a road rage case and yet was not sacked by the company. Had it been a cabin crew would the story  be different?
I doubt the company will apply its rules unfairly to the staff regardless of their positions. What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

it is apparent CC got a different set of rules because of those self declared demi gods at STC.
Why only CC got classification of MC while the rest of the departments dont have?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound offensive to cabin crew. It is possible that the Company feels that it cost much more to train a pilot than a cabin crew. I was previously from the Air Force. Back then, Mindef treats the pilot like "God's gift to the Air Force". This was because qualified pilots were hard to come by and it takes quite a lot, in terms of money and time, to train one. Not sure if this is the case with SIA. Once again, I repeat, my views are not targeted to offend any cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

Flew with ex ifm "Mo" who is currently a leading.

he is better staying as leading because he still act like an old fashion IFM whose mindset is still at th 80s, but work cmi.

better yet just sack him since he doesn't do his work anyway.

Anonymous said...

"What do you all think?" ?
I think lest you got the fact right, it is not wise to claim that the pilot got away with "just" a forfeiture of bonus; he was demoted too.

Anonymous said...

Worst than double,floating standard.IFM and Auditors tries best to catch and write down those not SOP which like a full hand of one ten difference shape and length.So can extend a few miserable years more, which could be stained,how many stab in back etc.So have to watch their back also.Its like Games of Throne,on the cheap AO,sacking fellow CC based on as many mindset of the fingers.KY Jelly gone,karma will come and follow them after retirement,working as Security and Nutty Supermart etc.Demi Gods at CC will meet Demise later,as DOG of Misfortune,can spit them when outside.Solution ?Publicity and pro bono lawyers availble for those hurt unfairly affecting families etc,all can contribute.Fight with legal means, publicity can do wonders.Listed Co still got to follow law of the country,hopefully it will deters those who think they are too big or to good.

TC+CC said...

The concept of managing CC is very simple:

While in basic training and under 2 years as employee in CC,
offer support, motivation and incentive, adoration for their
eagerness to provide feedback on what goes on in the real operating

Once past the 2 years and especially above 5 years, go on
a hunt to demotivate, create doubt in roles, criticize, and
point out all that is wrong with you.

Any CC from CS onwards is wide open to remove from the company as
they are expensive, problematic and too smart to even attempt to be union
cadres... which in time will create issues for managers. Best to contain
them and keep them on a very short and tight leash.

As for Tech crew... they are more valuable than CC. So, their
employment must be carefully weighed against termination. Very expensive
to train... "expensive" according to the management.
Top gun you know! ( but bottom still shit lah )

Anonymous said...

lol sia cabin crew
highly dispensable