Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hiring of cabin crew in China

Some things do not change. When I was with SIA, the procedures for cabin crew recruitment in China was the same as it is now except for the online interview.
The girls would have to submit their particulars to a recruitment agency called Fasco. This agency would sift through the applicants' documents and shortlist the number of applicants SIA wanted.
Believe it or not, thousands of wannabes from all over China would apply. If shortlisted to attend the interviews (usually Beijing and Shanghai) they would travel thousands of kilometres by trains,planes etc . Many would borrow money to buy suitable clothing for the interviews as well as for the transportation and hotel costs.
Here comes the reality....SIA would then hire at an average of 10 girls or a little more at one time. The hundreds or thousands who were booted would often cry and beg the interviewers to hire them. They would pour out their sad stories like having to borrow money and travel over nights and days to reach the interview venues. These pathetic scenes were being played out after every interviews.
I supposed it is not the airline's fault because it may not require a large pool of Chinese girls at any one time. Besides, it can't stop the Chinese wannabes from faraway places from attending the interviews in those big cities.


Anonymous said...

Some of those girls lived in the rural areas and had to commute by trains over 2 night to 3 days only to be kicked out of the interviews. Pathetic is the word but does SQ care?

Anonymous said...

No wonder SQ looks like some Chinese based airline.

Anonymous said...

Then what? Take all of them? They come for the interview knowing what to expect.

Anonymous said...

The least SQ could do was to mention in its website
that they are only looking to hire 10 stewardesses.

Maharaja said...

Isn't it the same for my Indian girls? They come from all over India and many were disappointed too!

Anonymous said...

Less demand
More supply

SQ has superior position and can dictate or act blur...like:

"huh? I only wanted 10 leh.. how come 6,000 showed up?
I did not ask for so many... "

Its really unproductive, and unnecessarily upsetting for young girls.
Big corporate clueless? no solution? More like lazy to address the situation.

clearly taking advantage of the large pool to choose.
But as you can see... its SQ style.. can makan, makan all the way.

Buay swee in today's climate. It will backfire and SQ will get mud in its face.

Anonymous said...

Maharajah your girls can fly with many Indian airlines like Air India, Jet Airways,Sahara etc