Thursday, December 7, 2017

IFM`s appeal for reinstatement

Today is the hearing of appeal of the IFM who was fired for alleged molestation of a stewardess. I heard there will be 3 top divisional heads sitting on the board of appeal. My gut feel is that the said IFM will be successful in his appeal because like I said before there was no strong and convincing evidence that he wilfully molested his female colleague.
The IFM may be punished for snatching a ball pen from the stewardess`s low neckline kebaya without permission. It was a case of mischief rather than molest.
My guess is he may face a demotion or  lose his bonus or won't get his annual pay increment which is better than getting a sack.
Let us  wait for the verdict which should be released by this evening.


Anonymous said...

No way can snatching a ball point by a senior crew be forgiving and forgotten.My take is a punishment,in whatever form.Still a punishment,life will not go on as business as usual.Knowing the mentality of the board,at least one downward .On looking back being away,overseas and onboard ,lonely at the top,can loses one mind.Kerbaya have sexy look for disarming pax,not IFM.Missread the signal.So expect good judgement from such minds ?Warp mind makes bad judgement on checks also.Better assess length of bank loan and early retirement better than carry on with demotion or whatever.

I have a pen said...

Snatching the pen is rude at most but doesn't warrant getting fired BUT snatching it from her chest, assuming that's where it was at the time, is a different story as it can be construed as molestation. Only those two will know whether he had 'touched' her while trying to get the pen.

Anonymous said...

The punishment will remain same. Appeal is just a wayang

Anonymous said...

I have a pen-is the root of the problem.Dont have then it wont trigger the related problems,which is the trigulation of modesty.Her words against his so on balance of probility the accuser is much stronger.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why the stewardess like putting the pen there. So uncomfortable with something poking at the cleavage.

Boris Becker said...

What is there to gain from an appeal?
To remain employed?
To enjoy being a member of free ticket club?
To be invited to annual retiree parties?

Its not yet a police matter or civil case.
Just resign... collect bonus.. walk away.
You have spent more than 35 years of your life in the air.
Time to bring the layang down.

So pathetic.
Please, hold your head up and walk out like a pro tennis player.
If you want to clear your name, take up a civil suit against her.
Otherwise, just walk.

Anonymous said...

Those old f go out can do what woh. Clear hawker centre? Hotel? Security? So might as well swallow some pride, at least still can klkk cbl earn 8k a month till really cmi lor.
Fight civil suit? Where to find bullets to fight against SIA. My batch boy kena CI, wanna hire top 4 law firm. All have some sort of agreement with SIA and dont wanna take up his case.

Anonymous said...

regardless of the final verdict, no one should ever 'snatch' anything from anyone's chest.

imagine if a lower ranked has done the same to a higher ranked, what do you think will happen?

be fair, those who don't deserve to stay, please leave gracefully.