Saturday, December 30, 2017

More lesbian stories ?..sori I no hape lol

What about lesbian stories, BT? U haven’t talked about them for a while. I feel like u have enough gay, but kinda lack the lesbian ones 

Haha a reader just commented (above) and sort of want to hear more about lesbian stories. Why she or he is so interested about the lesbians?

Anyway I've blogged about them here   and that's all I know about them.
Can someone help tell us some interesting stories about the lesbians?
Please do so in the comment space and I will transfer it here.


Anonymous said...

Some guys like to see girls and girls together lah, like when they go clubbing. Talk about bi too

Disgusted said...

There should be a rule against hiring lesbians as they can pose a threat to the female flight attendants. The problem is that it's very hard to tell who is straight and who isn't during the interview.

Humanity said...

How is lesbian or gay a threat to straight flight attendants? Singapore as a society and a country need to step up and work on its discrimination laws. You got people like the “second comment” that’s why even straight ones don’t want to have children anymore. They don’t want to produce children knowing one day that those children might become a shithead like you. Why so much hatred toward other humans? Thank god that your parents named you Disgusted! Now we all know that ure disgusting :)

Anonymous said...

God made men for women and women for men. Same sex relationships are an insult to God.

Anonymous said...

In the context of the Airlines,point are awarded for giving up off days,coaching and Co related activities.Straights have to devout quality time to babies and family due off days,also money for growing.Gayees and Lassie spend quality time on cats and dogs and friends etc and themselves.Worst Co promote them faster,notice have many around and Unionist not doing anything or compromise themselves for trade off.After take off video used Gayee till sickness and spotches took over ,now animination have no sexual orientation.Bad Karma.!Left only unglies ,old IFM and Crippled Viets,how to be great again ?Clear the swamp before it stanks and sang the Airlines.No threat just got more time and resources to get promoted,which the Co can overcome by limiting the LGBT gang.

Anonymous said...

What does the Union do actually? They don't even stand up for stewards who have been treated unfairly.

Anonymous said...

80% of netball players have an inclination to be lesbians
If other criteria such as:
-30 yrs old and above ( younger than that, the are uncertain themselves if lesbi or not)
-wears short cropped hair styles
-seldom in dress, 90% in pants, jeans etc.
-removable body rings.. ear lobes, tongue, nose, labias.
-strong, confident persona
-deeper voice

These are the butches... easier to identify
The passive ones look normal.. usually more feminine, avoids male company.

Quiet harmless. The gays are more dangerous, vicious, vengeful, spiteful, jealous.

There were a handful of lesbians back in the all old hags.

Anonymous said...

Guy governed by androgen,estrogen makes it femme.Like Emaily hookey nose,no beauty nobody wants a dark chocolate when whiter shade available,daughter of Illustrious unionist and Check Dorothy.As usual ended up down under to rot and bitchy.Rotting prawn de Crux,partime CC ,owns Temptation eventually close in the East.Overate himself and worse predator orphan Olan Kho,rich by inheritance and migrate Kiwi land ,hang himself in suspicious circumstances and still ahlong wants find him.Mischieve Chong,best described as flat runway,trying to teach the Brunie how to serves,unsackable and unmarryable also,ending a flat tyre now,worse than old hag.Full time lassie,partime CC ,common factors is the airline makes them feel rich over FSS and being well paid which in layman terms a bitch and strutting onboard and friends of none,after landing a s### on the road,best avoid.As for the good Gay who passes on.,they are fondly remembered and not named here,Derick a fun guy,Cyril a good heart.As the clock runs out in a few hours ,do good for we can never forget the bad that was done.The year ends and time run out and so are the bads lassie and gayee.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous,

Some of those lesbians are girly(very feminine). Think these ones do a better job of masking their sexuality.

As for being single, some is because they could be someone's mistress. Just coz not married doesn't mean lesbian.

How can the girls tahan when some SQ stewards are physically attractive?

Girl and girl nothing much to do. Both got same thing.

Anonymous said...

Fyi,up and coming Gayee and Lassie not the main problem and troublemaker, it's the ranked like Managers etc that is causing by imposing their work style on others,and in between appraisal. Reporting for coaching after flight without off days,for promoted doubly fast with lazy AO passing the bucks.Would you trust their views on everything ?God fearing and social aware do not respect gay marriage and lifestyle s etc,don't try to indoctrinate being mistresses, gaysex and lesbo lifestyle, that's what the Father said and my Mom would approve. Mistresses have no social standing, nor wealth,rob and steal quickly while you can,after expiry date no life left.Your enemy awaiting your expiry with glee, maybe AO,Managers but out of Airlines, a stone to step on.Do good while on duty,like Mati de Rosak,Ugly Ang ,Fatso and so on Father Time aging you,to end your life cycle and lifestyle and finally life itself,there being no reproduced, end of your line for Gayee and Lassie and Mistresses, the boat has set sail without you .Just for update,the ambiance, coziness and moments if gentleness are what matters and dikdoes and vibration whether they got the same same,maybe traumatic experiences of the opposite sex.Gayee and Lassie have creative minds in the least.

Anonymous said...

When you earn more than 5k a month, single, inherit flat, house..
why bother to marry? Old age you say??
Many are already old age now.
and they are no worse, gay or les..

Freedom to do anything and evrything your own way.
mop first then sweep or sweep then mop,
sequence up to you.. no argument.
want to eat? go anywhere you like
wan to cook? anything you like.
wan to sleep? anytime you like

Singlehood best.

Anonymous said...

HiSick and die alone, nobody knows and care.Too ugly or rejected due to many reasons? Society line you,pass on tour estates to those without ability to live with the High cost if living.I best,Food ?awaiting on the table. Watch and what ever I like it don't, my children do it for me.I want this tonight.At my command, otw.!Go there! Driven. My daily exercise is to walk down to the kitchen.Always prayed for by all my children. You !How many want you d""" and how many cuss you felt because of bad judgement ?All the charity wants your wealth, it's matter of when not if. I see bright sunshine in the morning and moonlight rays for my pleasant dreams. I am King of my Castle, slaves to serve me willingly.You might have shadows and dust at your command,pile after day after day. Paint me more of your lifestyle. Let the readers decide.

Anonymous said...

Were there more lessies back in the 90’s than now? If they were in the Airlines in the 90’s, wouldn’t they all become Managers and supervisors by now?

Anonymous said...

Woahh SIA has netball teams?

Anonymous said...

Lessie normally start with room sharing and Hawaian delight.Sunset and shorts from check in to out,beaches and so on.Normally syt taken by paxs rich and so on,then Captain and so on"thats taken dont bother".Normally linked to ranked and AO etc,protected at every turn,cronyism and so on.Those left will have do with whats left.In five years they would have finish 1 term.Time passes obvious sign of lassie which could turn straight and gayee which gots lots of free time no family,got promoted,union accept without fail.Unionism only knowns own interest and power and girls.Thelonger they stay,the faster the rise.You know its headed by Gayee when dessert course they are expected to draw some fancy arts on plates and cutlery given one by one.Its called finesse by them and wait long long service by straights,almost can die for full course.Blame the Gayee.Plus got rewarded by promotion,into Managers and Supervisors which made it all worse.Gayee will kill all including the whole team evetually in many ways.Those who cant take it leave.

Spy-der said...

There are many "clubs", "interest groups", etc within SQ.
Sounds very noble yah?

But its an open secret that these groups were created for
the enjoyment of certain 'sponsors' and 'patrons'.( usually manager and above)

Its structured like PAssion.
and its a secondary sounding board of whats going on in the REAL
operations theatre.
People join for the purpose of rubbing with elites... and
in the hopes of 'most favoured' status.

Of course every living thing will deny such a thing.
Netball was one of them... so is Wine Appreciation Groups
These are the groups that have ultra lose tongues where
management get their pulse on who is offloading things and who
fools around with pens ....

Its not sophisticated.. but it works.. and this is key: its free.
SQ takes anything thats free.

Anonymous said...

They still have the club called Wine Appreciation Group lol? They should have one called People Appreciation Group!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans play sports? Thought they only study/work? That's why they have to give citizenship to foreign sports people to represent them. Ping pong for example.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie are really Frogistan,coconut nuts shell for roof and throw bits to keep quiet.Bugs manageris and auditoris keep sucking their blood and so on,barely made it home after every flight,the phrase dead tired.Been eating grass or EG 99 so to jump que,stabbing the weak CC eg,pen case,offload case,Snitcher got brownies point,maybe ?.At end of the day ,your concience is what left,but for a few years more and FT competing,pick easy target which is CC.The start of year Dog,God is watching and tagging,do correctly or be picked,use your canine sense and dont be parlov response,think out of the box to save yourself.Its a dog eat dog up there !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like SIA is the worst place to work at!

Anonymous said...

The best to fly with,says the Ads.Condition on board another.People Appreciation Group or PAG ,based on the online Call of Duty game takes slavery to new height,helmed by Gayee and Lassie promoted early due to commitment and time spend.Paxs complaints always right ,even when unreasonable due to minimum schedules and overpromised.Whether CC have bad days back home,jet lagged and rest on the dot after 2 hours service and to deep sleep,is not noted or given leeways. Who can sleep after a 2 hours run ?So mentally have to adjust mindset on handling complaint when faced,including lowering braline and grovelling to pax especially Co account.Now less due to financial meltdown.Sop include memorising 40 names in 1 hrs of paxs and minimum rest outstation.Points for no reporting sick,causing casuality etc.One with family back home disadvantaged,cats and dogs and hamsters can autofeed.Finaly how to have a life when one is away most of the time ?Life of a CC sucks,made worst by Games of PAG ,bodycount can show up later in life.A good Co made bad by players unaware the SOP can hurt CC.